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Solved by verified expert:Real environmental improvements will come about through protest and activism rather than technical management of the environment. Discuss with examples.Read through the requirements attached and discuss the problem. Word limits:1000. Academic reference:3.

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Expert answer:Real Environmental Improvements Essay
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Answer only one of the following questions, in essay form.

Your essay should be as near as possible to 1,000 words. Place a word count at the
end of the essay.
All essays should be discussed with reference to specific examples, either in Australia or
Write a 1,000-word essay by critically reflecting on one of these statements.
1. Governance more than government holds the key to solving environmental problems.
Discuss with examples.
2. Real environmental improvements will come about through protest and activism rather
than technical management of the environment. Discuss with examples.
3. The media should spend less effort covering debates on the scientific certainty of
climate change, and spend more time covering debates on how we undertake largescale decarbonisation. Discuss using examples.
4. De-growth, a model of planned economic contraction, will be difficult to achieve but
we must try it because continued growth as we know it is unsustainable. Discuss with
5. Well-meaning attempts by activists to ‘save the planet’ too often result in less
privileged groups in society experiencing new forms of political, economic or social
oppression. Discuss using examples.
** The statements above are designed to provoke a debate. You do not need to agree
with the statements. You could argue the opposite. You could also agree in some
contexts but disagree in others. The key thing is to answer the question by making a
clear evidence-based argument.
Assessment purpose:
To test students’ understanding of the key concepts from the course, and their
ability to form a critical and evidence-based argument based on these concepts.
Assessment criteria:

Clear articulation of the aim of your essay

Clear definitions of key terms

Critical reflection on the question/statement

Clear articulation of the argument

Appropriate use of examples/evidence to substantiate your arguments

Clear written expression in a style appropriate to a critical essay

Use of appropriate sources and correct citations and referencing
We will apply the assessment rubric when marking.
Students are not permitted to discuss with their tutor or another tutor/staff member the
content of the examination or the preliminary or final versions of an answer to the
Any clarification questions must be emailed to Philippa (not your tutor) before Thursday
6th June.
You may talk about the exam with other students, but not partake in joint work as
outlined below.
Joint work is prohibited. In particular, you are not permitted to:

Collaborate with anyone else in writing an answer to the examination.

View another person’s written notes about the examination or their preliminary or
final versions of an answer to the examination.

Permit another student to view your written notes about the examination or your
preliminary or final versions of an answer to the examination.

Make written notes of what anyone else says to you during the examination.

Permit another student to make written notes of what you say during the
Overlap with tutorial presentations and essay
Avoid recycling content that was in your tutorial presentation or your essay. If in doubt
about the possible overlap please discuss with Philippa via email before Thursday 6th
June 2018.
Students submitting take-home examinations are subject to the same guidelines as
students undertaking supervised examinations.
If a student misses an examination due to illness or circumstances beyond their control,
or has their work hampered during the examination, she or he should seek additional
assessment, usually in the form of a supplementary examination, through the Special
Consideration process. See Special Consideration guidelines in LMS.
Submission and Late Submission Policy
Take-home examinations must be submitted electronically via the LMS ‘Turnitin’ portal
before the published submission date and time. Late take-home examinations will be
subject to a penalty of 10% per day late, and any take-home exam that is submitted
more than a week late will not be marked (i.e. will receive zero marks). A late take-home
examination is one that is submitted after the due time and date set for submission or
after any extension has expired.
Word Limits
Place a word count at the end of your essay. Take-home examinations are subject to
word limit constraints. In calculating the number of words, for the purposes of enforcing a
word limit, every word of the submitted answer will be subject to this word limit,
excluding reference lists. Do not use footnotes.
Work that exceeds the word limit by 10% or more may incur a marking penalty.
References and Argument
At least three relevant peer-reviewed academic references should be used. The
reference list does not count towards your word count, but in-text citations and subheadings do count.
It is expected that you will use the required and additional readings found on the LMS
relevant to your essay topic. The emphasis here is not on significant, new library-based
research, but rather on demonstrating that you have read, understood and thought
further about key topics covered in the subject’s readings, lectures and tutorials.
Using some well-placed and well-chosen references will help your argument and grade.
ONLY use quotations that you really feel are important to YOUR argument. You only
have 1,000 words – use them wisely.
The exam is about YOUR knowledge and analysis of the course material – demonstrate
this. Show YOUR argument in the essay – not just what others have written.
Further advice
Please revise the advice given in the ‘Guidance on Writing’ on the LMS. This includes
Structuring, Referencing and Grammar and spelling and the Assessment Rubric we use
to mark the exam.

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