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Solved by verified expert:I have attached my proposal essay.Directions: Please identify what your purpose for communicating with your audience (motivate, persuade, inform, or entertain) and in a minimum of 25 words state why this is your goal.For example, if your debate topic is on government regulation to monitor cyber bullying and you want to communicate with Internet Freedom Coalition, then you would state why you want to converse with this coalition? Let’s say you are sympathetic with their views, then you do not need to persuade them so why communicate? Well, perhaps you want to motivate the coalition to become politically involved and lobby Congress and Federal Communication Committee to keep the Internet free from any government regulation. Then you know that is your purpose. Please keep in mind that there is always tension with a purpose. That is, there is always some type of opposition. For example, the Internet Freedom Coalition may not want to lobby Congress or feel it is necessary, so you will communicate with the coalition motivating the coalition members why they need to be politically active. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Confused? Here is how the student exploring drug offense completed this assignment: I am writing to William Barr, Attorney General of United States, who wants to enforce harsher penalty on drug offenders believing that longer sentences, even the death penalty, is the only way to drastically decrease drug problem in U.S. He does not believe drug abuse is an illness but a crime committed by losers, thugs, and gang members who will not stop taking drugs if there is no serious consequences from the criminal justice system. I disagree with him. I want to persuade him that drug abuse is a real illness that good citizens (moms, teachers, nurses, cousins, etc) struggle with and that throwing them in jail will not address their illness but only make them more desperate and devastated by imprisoning them and not providing them rehab.

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Expert answer:Purpose for Communicating with Your Audience Resea
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Surname 1
“The Lottery,” “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas,” “Sonny Blues,” “Strange
Fruit,” and “Weary Blues” are thematically connected in that they target the practices in the
society that portray them as evil or selfish. In The Lottery, people in the community have no
mercy for the individual who gets picked for the stoning ceremony as long as they are granted a
good harvest, therefore, depicting selfishness. For the other texts, they as well have everything to
do with the conduct of people in the community and how that affects them directly or indirectly.
Racism and inequality based on people’s background are evident, and with such challenges,
social movements become essential as the affected parties seek for justice. In Strange Fruit, the
author of the song has mobilized many artists to keep sending a similar message irrespective of
how long ago it was composed. That means that the issues that were being addressed then are
still posing a challenge even in the current society. In that case, all these texts are connected in
that they represent similar sentiments and have remained relevant since they became identified
and publicized by the concerned authors.
Are the rights of transgender persons being violated? The transgender issue has been in
existence for the longest time, and the kind of stigma these people face is undeniable. Even
though laws are protecting them, transgender people still encounter issues because they have not
been accepted in society. Some of the challenges they face include gender identity and
documentation of essential IDs which they require to produce for proof of identity. According to
Surname 2
Green and Goodnough, transgender persons have formed movements to fight for their rights and
bring an end to discrimination due to their gender, which they did not choose in the first place.
On the one hand, President Trump has called for the revision of the rights of transgender people
so that they can be embraced and treated equally as other people mostly when they seek public
services such as healthcare, (Green and Goodnough). That, therefore, means that there is light at
the end of the tunnel for this group of people as their predicaments have been heard and a
solution will be found.
Surname 3
Green, Erica and Abby Goodnough. New York Times. 24 May 2019. Document. 24 May 2019.

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