Solved by verified expert:Your Seventh Lab Assignment:Your seventh lab assignment is “Wave Functions.” First, view the linked pages that are listed below.Wave FunctionsLab VideosComplete this lab per the instructions in Excel.You need to generate a Lab Report to submit for this assignment. Here are the criteria for the Lab Report:1.Introduction/Thesis (Explain the principles you are study, and what results you expect to see in this experiment)2.Background (Explain the concepts that form the foundation for this lab)3.Methodology (Explain the apparatus used, and how you manipulated the apparatus)4.Data (Include screen shots from the Grapher, or spreadsheets that contain data, or any charts or graphs you created)5.Analysis (Look over the data and analyze the results – were results consistent with original expectations, or did you see something different?)6.Conclusions (Provide your interpretation of what happened with this set of data; provide explanations of why the results turned out the way they did; indicate what sources of error may have impacted the experiment, and anticipate what should happen in future research)

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