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Solved by verified expert:Now it is time to bring your research together. Please add all parts
from the previous weeks and create a final paper for submission.Write a one to two pages explaining the findings of your research
form the previous weeks. Repeat your selected research questions and
base your conclusion on your findings.For example:Research question: How could the blood be on both sides of the sock found in OJ’s house if he wore the sock during the murder? Conclusion: Based on the data analyses of five
peer-reviewed resources, three resources believed that the blood had
been planted by the detectives. One resource stated that the blood could
have been saturating the socks after he took them off. One resource
stated that he did not wear the socks during the murder.


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Expert answer:OJ Simpson Case
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OJ. Simpson Case
Kyle Reynolds
Rasmussen College
Though, his outstanding achievements in the various fields Oriental James Simpsons
found himself under 20 units police chase after failing to avail himself to the police custody after
the day of the murder of his ex-wife and her partner. O.J. Simpsons the former prominent NFL
footballer found himself in a police bronco chase after the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown
Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 17th June 1994. The news about the crimes committed by the
renowned footballer spread across the whole American population where some of his fans
demonstrated and opposed the accusation linking him to the death of his ex-wife and her partner
(Geis & Bienen, 2016). After the diseased were found dead outside the Brown Simpsons resident
the main suspect who could be linked with the crime was OJ. Simpsons and was chased by the
police at low speed after hiding himself at the back of one of friends van. The chase ended in his
Brentwood home where he was arrested and remained in the police custody till his trial began on
24th January 1995. The renowned player was awarded various honors as a player for USC and
later pursued an acting career after retiring in 1969 and various TV miniseries such as hosted,
roots, and Saturday night live. He became the spokesman of Hertz since 1975 and had flown to
Chicago for the Hertz convention during the night of the murder and returned the following day
in the morning. After his arrival on 13th June 1994 Simpson was summoned to appear in the LA
police custody but after failing the police force was ordered to conduct an intensive search which
led to his arrest on 17th June 1994 (Knight, 2017). All the events for the Simpsons trial were
televised live from the Los Angeles courtroom until the verdict was given out acquitting him
both the murder count since the judge found the accused 90% not guilty.
Geis, G., & Bienen, L. B. (2016). Crimes of the century: From Leopold and Loeb to OJ Simpson.
Northeastern University Press.
Knight, M. (2017). The accused is entering the courtroom: the live-tweeting of a murder
trial. Journal of Media Practice, 18(2-3), 186-211.
Problem Statement
Kyle Reynolds
Rasmussen College
Problem Statement
In July 1994, O.J Simpson was suspected of having slaughtered his former wife, Nicole
Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman, her husband. After this slaughter, O.J Simpson was
called by the police for questioning. Detectives carrying out investigation into the murder had
identified bloodstains on Simpson’s car, thus warranting investigation.
When investigating a crime scene for evidence, it is important to put into consideration
various factors so that the evidence obtained can be reliable and applicable in court. For
example, only experts should be allowed in a crime scene. Documentation, detection, collection
and preservation of physical evidence should be carried out carefully. In addition, scene security
must be ensured to so that it is not tampered with. In the case involving O.J Simpson, there were
many malpractices which led to the tampering of the crime scene and the evidence. For instance,
the crime scene was not secured and the evidence was not handled appropriately. This case
raised many issues on how evidence should be documented, detected, collected and preserved.
Today, a lot of evidence has been discredited in courts simply because it has been tampered with.
This research will be important in analyzing the O.J Simpson case, identify the mistakes made
when gathering evidence, and learn how to avoid such mistakes in future cases. (Cotterill, 2003).
Right from the very start, there were a lot of issues regarding the collection of crucial
evidence. A particular blood-stained fingerprint found on the hallway leading to the house of
Nicole Brown had not been properly collected and added to the chain of custody when it was
first discovered. Moreover, the officers who took over Fuhrman’s shift did not know about the
fingerprint. As a result, the print was either destroyed or lost even before collection. The
detectives also failed to enter or log in important evidence items inside their chain of custody.
All this led to the conclusion that unprofessional collection of forensics had been conducted at
the crime scene. The prosecution produced various witnesses who gave testimonies that the case
evidence was greatly mishandled since the beginning (Morrison, 2010). Photos were taken of
crucial evidence but they did not contain scales. Moreover, photos of various items were taken
without being logged and labelled. This made it very difficult to link these photos in the crime
Separate types of evidence were packed together instead of being packed separately, and
this contributed to significant amount of contamination. Wet evidence items were also packed
before drying and this contributed to alteration of the evidence. When detectives came to the
crime scene, they covered the victim’s body with a blanket, thus contaminating it and everything
surrounding it. In addition to the poor techniques of collecting evidence, those present at the
scene left behind many footprints and it was therefore difficult to differentiate them from those
of the perpetrator. In the whole investigation, problems arose regarding the securing of evidence.
For example, approximately 1.5 milliliters of the suspect’s blood were found to be missing from
one vial of case evidence. To make the matters worse, the blood collected was not submitted at
once. Instead, the blood was moved around for some hours before being added to the chain of
custody. The security of the Los Angeles Police Department labs and storage was also
questioned after it was discovered that some unauthorized personnel had accessed and altered
some pieces of evidence (Morrison, 2010). All this unprofessional handling of evidence created a
problem in the investigation and prosecution of the case. This was because when evidence is
handled unprofessionally, it becomes unreliable since it can have a great impact on the outcome.
Research Questions
1. How should evidence be documented, detected, collected and preserved in a crime scene?
2. How does unprofessional handling of evidence affect the outcome of a case?
Cotterill, J. (2003). Language and power in court: A linguistic analysis of the OJ Simpson trial.
Morrison, T. (2010). Birth of A Nation-Hood: Gaze, Script, and Spectacle in the OJ Simpson
Case. Random House.
Running head: O.J. SIMPSONS CASE
O.J Simpson’s murder case
Kyle Reynolds
Rasmussen College
Boban, M., (2018). Race Issues in the OJ Simpson Case–Analysis of Alexander and
Karaszewski’s American Crime Story (Doctoral dissertation, University of Zadar.
Department of English.).
– A close look at the way the evidence was collected and the impact it had on the side
of the prosecution, this research topic helps those in the field to improve their way of
collecting and storing the evidence so as not to repeat the same mistake. It also acts to
enlighten people on the importance of sticking to the procedures prescribed for case
proceedings in a court of law. The above will ensure that there are no overlaps and that
decision is arrived at legitimately. On the contrary, the case is more likely to raise emotional
feelings amongst the families of the victims or even families that have suffered the same
predicaments and hence result in strenuous advancements that could result in more adverse
Cohen, J., (1995). Genes and behavior make an appearance in the O.J. trial.
Science, 268(5207), 22-24.
Tasked with the burden to prove he was not guilty, Simpson was represented by a
group of lawyers who were known for their expertise in the field. They majored on the issues
of how the evidence was handled, claiming that it was not correctly handled and hence cannot
be relied on in determining the case against Simpson. The first one is a bloody fingerprint
located at a gateway at Nicole Brown’s house. They argued that it was not properly collected
and stored in custody it is also likely that those who took over from Fuhrman as detectives
never accorded it the necessary care and so can never be relied upon.
Georgiou, M., Hatzaki, A., & Koutselinis, A. (2000). Identification of an alleged offender
of murder by VNTR analysis: case report. The American journal of forensic
medicine and pathology, 21(2), 162-165.
The prosecution, although they were experienced, they gave photos that were not
labeled so that a connection of the picture and the scene of madder could be linked indicated
the extent of ignorance in the evidence provided. It is also recorded that some wet evidence
facts were packed together with situations that critically affected the quality of evidence from
them. More critically an issue to worry about is the fact that the police used a blanket to cover
the body of Nicole which was collected just around the scene which further worsened the
reliability of the evidence. The bid to defend Simpson hit a stumbling block when the
evidence involved a gloved spotted at different places. No one could utter a word to counter
Moyle, P. B., & Cech, J. J. (2004). Fishes: an introduction to ichthyology (Vol. 726).
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.
– The victims are said to have been murdered on a Sunday night and their bodies
discovered in the morning after being signaled by a wailing dog. Nicole’s and Goldman’s
bodies were found outside Nicole’s house with Goldman’s lying a few yards away in the
nearby bushes having been stabbed severally. It was clear that Simpson was the prime
suspect owing to several pieces of evidence collected on the scene. His blood had been
spotted in the madder scene, and the victims’ blood could also be traced at his car. In addition
to that, one of his gloves was collected outside Brown’s house, and the other one was found
outside his house a clear indication that he must have had some underhand business in the
premises of Nicole.
Papy, D., (2018). Dr Strangelaw, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pop
Culture. J. Legal Educ., 68, 129.
-Tasked with the burden to prove he was not guilty, Simpson was represented by a
group of lawyers who were known for their expertise in the field. They majored on the issues
of how the evidence was handled, claiming that it was not correctly handled and hence cannot
be relied on in determining the case against Simpson. The first one is a bloody fingerprint
located at a gateway at Nicole Brown’s house. They argued that it was not properly collected
and stored in custody it is also likely that those who took over from Fuhrman as detectives
never accorded it the necessary care and so can never be relied upon.
Running head: OJ SIMPSON
OJ Simpson
Kyle Reynolds
Rasmussen College
OJ Simpson
Documentation of evidence forms a critical part in a crime scene. There are six essential
ways to document and detect evidence in a crime scene. Firstly, conducting a preliminary survey.
Secondly, doing a narrative description. Third, writing administrative notes. Forth, taking
photographs, sketching, and diagramming (Fish, Miller, Braswell, & Wallace Jr, 2013). Lastly,
entering an evidence recovery log. The detection and documentation of evidence in the OJ
Simpson’s case did not observe these critical ways, thereby compromising the evidence.
After detecting and documenting evidence in a crime scene, the next step becomes
collection and preservation. When collecting evidence from a crime scene, the initial step is to
indicate the names or initials of the person collecting the evidence, and those of the persons that
will come into contact with the evidence (Fish, Miller, Braswell, & Wallace Jr, 2013). The date,
agency name, crime type, and case number should also be indicated. Additionally, it is crucial to
indicate the property clerk number. Names of suspects or victims should be indicated, and the
place where the item will be stored. Lastly, a summary of the item collected at the scene. This
was not the case with collecting evidence from OJ Simpson’s trial.
All the above steps can be done correctly, but if the evidence is not preserved correctly,
then the evidence will not be useful in the investigation. As such, there steps to be taken to
preserve the evidence. The person collecting the evidence should avoid coughing, sneezing, and
talking over the evidence. Moreover, they shouldn’t touch their nose, mouth, and face when
packaging or collecting the evidence. The evidence should be air-dried thoroughly before
packaging and finally collected evidence should be put into new envelops or paper bags and not
into plastic bags (Fish, Miller, Braswell, & Wallace Jr, 2013). All these procedures were violated
in OJ Simpson’s case. The evidence collected were all stuffed in one place, and the officers
contaminated them.
Evidence in the OJ Simpson Case
Finger Prints
Other Weapons
The above chat indicate the samples and how they were used in the OJ Simpson’s case
In the blood category, 30 samples were collected, 20 were submitted, and only 10 were
examined. This was mainly because of the contamination of samples. 10 fingerprints were
collected, 25 submitted, and 22 examined. The data shows that the fingerprints were
compromised. 52 guns collected, 30 submitted, and only 23 were examined. Lastly, there were
other weapons, 75 collected, 10 submitted, and three were found to be relevant to the case.
Unprofessional handling of evidence, like in the case of OJ Simpsons, has a negative
effect in a criminal case. All cases require hard evidence to tie the suspect to the crime. As such,
mishandling of evidence leads to compromise of the case, and in most cases the suspect, even if
guilty, walks free.
Fish, J. T., Miller, L. S., Braswell, M. C., & Wallace Jr, E. W. (2013). Crime scene investigation.

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