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Solved by verified expert:Write a directional strategies report that examines the alignment of a health care organization’s current directional strategies with its strategic goals.Report RequirementsThe requirements, outlined below, correspond to the grading criteria in the Directional Strategies Report Scoring Guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.Analyze the effectiveness of the organization’s directional strategies.Use the Mission, Vision, and Values Analysis Questions document, linked in the resources, to determine how effectively the existing directional strategies currently fulfill the requirements of effective directional strategies.Identify gaps between effective directional strategies and the organization’s existing directional strategies.Analyze the alignment between the organization’s directional strategies and its strategic goals.Examine the strategic fit.How well does the directional strategy fit the environment?How appropriate is the organization’s direction, given the environmental analysis you completed in Unit 3?Which strategic goals make the most sense at this time? Growth? Maintaining the status quo? Or does contraction make the most sense right now?Propose changes to the organization’s directional strategies that improve alignment between the organization’s structure and its strategic goals.Recommend changes you think the organization needs to make to establish a foundation necessary for the organization’s current structure and strategies.Be sure to support your recommendations with references to current, scholarly, and authoritative sources.Write a clear, concise, well-organized, and professional directional strategies report that includes conclusions that are supported by relevant evidence.Follow APA formatting and style guidelines for citations and references.Document Format and LengthPrepare your report using a familiar and appropriate document format used by health care organizations, such as business report or white paper.Your report should be 4–6 pages in length (double-spaced).


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Expert answer:MHA5010 Capella University Organization Directiona
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Mission, Vision, and Values Analysis Questions
As you consider the alignment of your organization’s mission with its strategic goals,
you are trying to determine whether its current mission statement is the best way to
define the organization’s goals and operational direction “right now.” These three
questions about mission will help you discover whether the organization’s mission is a fit
with its current strategic goals.
1. Why does your organization do what it does? Answering this question helps
provide the big picture ideals and values your organization brings to its
This Organization aims to serve and heal people through God’s healing
2. Whom do you serve? This question helps you determine how your organization
influences or helps others.
Anyone who needs assistance.
3. What image do you want to project? The mission statement needs to
represent the organization’s deeply held values, and the image the organization
wants to project to others. What value does your organization bring to the table
that no other organization does? What is the organization’s culture? Is it fresh
and innovative, or traditional and reliable? Does the organization’s brand boast a
fun, irreverent quality, or more of a dignified gravitas? The best mission
statements clearly answer these questions.
God’s love through service and healing.
As you consider the alignment of your organization’s vision with its strategic goals, you
are trying to determine whether the vision serves as the organization’s “north star.” Is it
providing focus and long-term alignment? The best organizational vision statements
answer these three questions:
Time horizon: By what specific date will your organization achieve its strategy and
vision? Usually this is within three to five years. 5 years
Measurability: What are the few measurable goals for which achievement can be
objectively assessed? Remember: These goals should align with the strategies you
developed as part of your draft strategic plan in Assessment
Unique Approach: What is the succinct statement that reflects how your
organization will effectively deliver its services, meet the needs of its customers, and
achieve its vision?
Value Statements
Company value statements are designed to look introspectively into the organization’s
long-term aspirations. Consider these three questions as you consider potential
revisions to your organization’s value statements:
What do perfect employees look like? Think about the values they hold. What is
their preferred work style? Independent? Or team-based? What is their attitude
toward customers?
Will employees adhere to these values in 25 years? Selecting sustainable values
is critical to long-term organizational success. Value statements can change over
time, but core values remain constant.
How does your company help employees grow? Providing support to help your
people grow personally and professionally is vital to maintaining an engaged and
motivated workforce. After all, this is the workforce that will uphold the organizational
values that have been set.
Running Head: Environmental Analysis
Environmental Analysis
Anitra Turner
Capella University
MHA5010 – Strategic Health Care Planning
April 2019
Environmental Analysis
Our Lady of the Lake hospital’s primary location is in East Baton Rouge Parish in the city of
Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The facility also has locations throughout city and in the surrounding
areas. East Baton Rouge Parish (EBRP) is home to 445,337 residents (“About Us”, n.d). Baton
Rouge residents are comprised of many different races including African-Americans, whites,
Asians, an increasing Hispanic population, and other ethnicities. According to the 2010 Census
Baton Rouge’s median household income of 51,436, and 19.1% of individuals below the poverty
level (American FactFinder”, 2010). The distribution of wealth in East Baton Rouge parish is
very apparent with a dividing highway that separates socioeconomic classes. Our Lady of the
Lake along with most of the hospitals in the city are in the higher income areas. Twelve percent
of East Baton Rouge residents are uninsured (“Healthy LA Dashboard”, 2019). This is still a
high rate because East Baton Rouge Parish has so many health disparities. Our Lady of the Lake
participated in a community health needs assessment to address the health disparities of East
Baton Rouge. The assessment identified the top 10 needs of the city which were access to care,
behavioral health (mental health and substance abuse) healthy living, sexually transmitted
infections/ HIV, cancer prevention, cardiovascular disease and stroke prevention, diabetes
prevention, healthy baby, injury prevention.
Directional Strategy
Our Lady of the Lake is a part of the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System.
The facility serves 35,000 inpatients and 650,000 outpatients annually. It is an 800-bed hospital,
includes outpatient and surgery centers,15 urgent care clinics, two free standing emergency
rooms, a free-standing children’s hospital and has a 450-provider care network covering more
than 40 specialties. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University was also established by the
hospital and is a top performing university. The facility’s core value and mission are inspired by
Environmental Analysis
the Roman Catholic church. It’s website states “We are, with God’s help, a healing and spiritual
presence for each other and the communities we are privileged to serve (About Us, n.d.).” Its
core values include service, humility, justice, reverence and love for all life, and joyfulness of
spirit. Its focus is continuously improving the quality of care to benefit the needs of the
community through education, technology, and great customer service. This facility has
established a bar code scanning system to ensure that patients get the correct medication. They
have also made efforts to make sure that the physicians are more involved in the health initiatives
of the hospital and patient care. Last year Our Lady of the Lake switched to the Epic Medical
Record system to assist with easier communication in the health system between its facility and
others. This system also aims to keep patient information safer and makes it easier for the patient
to have access to their own records.
One of the most valuable strengths of Our Lady of the Lake Hospital is it’s the areas only
Level 2 trauma facility. They have also opened two free standing emergency rooms in areas that
have little to no access to health facilities, lack of transportation and resources to get to other
hospitals in the area. One of the emergency room facilities partners with and is located next to a
Federally Qualified Health Center operated by Louisiana State University Health Baton Rouge.
Our Lady of the Lake operates the only free-standing children’s hospital in the area which was
recently built set to open in the fall of this year. Even though the hospital is not open, yet
physicians are able to explore the facility using virtual reality to become accustomed to the
space. Before then the children’s hospital was located inside of the primary location of the
hospital. “Our main campus in Baton Rouge stands at the center of a statewide network of
specialized care that includes more than 80 specialists, pediatricians and satellite clinic services
Environmental Analysis
in more than 25 subspecialties (About Us, n.d.). Our Lady of the Lake’s commitment to helping
children also extends into the community as well. This facility offers the only comprehensive car
seat clinic in the state of Louisiana for children with special healthcare needs. They also operate
seven school-based health centers in the city where students can attend during the school week.
Our Lady of the Lake leads the area cancer treatment but, the also partner with other local
hospitals in the area to make sure access to the facility is available to everyone. Mary Bird
Perkins and Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center was nationally honored by the American
College of Surgeons Com-mission on Cancer with the Outstanding Achievement Award
(achieved by only 7% of cancer facilities nationally). This award is presented to programs raising
the bar on quality cancer care, with the goal of increasing awareness about high quality, patientcentered care (About Us, n.d.). The cancer center provides support to survivors and their
families, educates the community, and provides free cancer screenings. They offer cancer
treatment for multiple body systems including the central nervous system, breasts, liver, and
Louisiana ranks second in the nation for rates of low birth weight (< 2500g/5.5lbs) and preterm births (<37 weeks gestation), both of which contribute to infant deaths and long-term deficits in growth and development (Stats of the State of Louisiana", 2018). Our Lady of the Lake is not a birthing hospital even though they have a large pediatric network. They are the only hospital in the city that does not deliver babies. Another weakness the organization has is a high death rate for heart failure complications. The emergency department sees a high volume of patients and has longer weight times than other hospitals in the area. This also reflects on the availability of staff which the hospital scored lower than other area hospitals in the area. The Environmental Analysis facility loses a lot of patients due to heart failure complications at a higher rate than other hospitals in the area. Opportunities Our Lady of the Lake is leading the healthcare industry in this area in many categories but, there is still opportunities for this organization to improve and keep that momentum. The hospital would benefit from a birthing center since they have a lot of experience providing care to children, and they have many programs built around pediatrics. Children born at the hospital will be able to get care from a pediatrician in the same health system who would have quick access to birth records and information. This would also benefit infants born with severe health issues that wouldn’t have to be transported to the hospital. Louisiana’s leading cause of death is diseases of the heart according to the CDC. Our Lady of the Lake also can decrease their rate of deaths due to heart failure. By decreasing wait times in the emergency room, patients experiencing heart failure will be able to be seen promptly. The Lake has an opportunity to increase the number of vaccines that they administer to the public. This can be achieved by creating more awareness and providing more education on the importance of this vaccine during visits and in the community. Staying up to date on the newest technology is an opportunity for any organization especially in the healthcare industry. Our Lady of the Lake has already made many technological advances but, area hospitals are introducing different technology that could be beneficial to them as well. Threats. Many local hospitals are starting to expand the services they provide including increasing their pediatric, cancer, and heart care. They are also expanding their reach in the community by Environmental Analysis opening outpatient care centers, expanding their community reach, and their facilities are in very close proximity to each other. Ochsner Medical Health Center is one of the Our Lady of the Lake’s biggest competitors. It is apart of the Ochsner Health System which is the largest health system in Louisiana. Ochsner is a birthing hospital and has the area’s only certified midwife program. They also recently opened at a new medical facility one exit away from Our Lady of the Lake. This facility is very technologically advanced including iPad bar where patients can utilize health apps and check in kiosk for appointments. Ochsner also has a high-volume emergency room with shorter wait times than Our Lady of the Lake. Ochsner is also starting to provide more cancer care in the Baton Rouge Area. The Ochsner Baton Rouge Cancer Center opened to provide fully integrated cancer care, including both chemotherapy infusion and radiation oncology ("Quality & Safety", n.d.). They are also a leader in flu vaccinations in the area. Ochsner (97%) has higher rates of immunizations for the flu than Our Lady of the Lake (63%). Ochsner also has few deaths related to heart disease complications. Recognized nationally as having one of the lowest rates of mortality along with the fewest complications and shortest lengths of stay, Ochsner’s transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) program provides minimally invasive solutions for patients with heart conditions who are not good candidates for surgery ("Quality & Safety", 2017). One of the most harmful threats to an organization other than its competitors is bad press and losing the trust of the community. Our Lady of the Lake has been the negative press for staff misconduct. Last year the CEO of its foundation was fired after an investigation for allegations of embezzlement of funds and forgery. Even though this situation was immediately handled by the organization it still reflects negatively on the whole organization. Environmental Analysis References American FactFinder. (2010, October 05). Retrieved from Healthy La Dashboard. (2019, April 01). Retrieved from Hospital Compare. (n.d.). Retrieved from Krail, J. (2018, November 06). Our Lady of the Lake Foundation head fired amid criminal investigation. Retrieved from Quality. (n.d.). Retrieved from Quality & Safety. (n.d.). Retrieved from Stats of the State of Louisiana. (2018, April 11). Retrieved from State-designated Trauma Centers. (n.d.). Retrieved from Directional Strategy and TOWS Analysis Anitra Turner Capella University MHA 5010 May 2019 TOWS Analysis Worksheet Threats Opportunities Local hospitals offering more services and taking patients away from hospital. Our Lady of the Lake should become a birthing hospital. Baton Rouge’s inadequate access to healthcare services. Extend appointment times for patients that work jobs where there cannot take off. Allocate more money for advanced technology and research. Bad press making the community lose trust in the hospital. Weaknesses Strengths Long emergency room wait times and overuse of the emergency room. Our Lady of the Lake leads the area cancer treatment. High mortality due to heart failure complications. Every other hospital in the area is a birthing hospital. The only freestanding children’s hospital in the area. Our Lady of the Lake has the only Level 2 trauma center and largest facility in the area TOWS Analysis Summary This analysis examines the TOWS matrix for Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA. It evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities of the hospital. From this analysis, we will be able to develop a directional strategy that the hospital can use a guide for the next few years. The strategy S-O (or maxi-maxi): This strategy constitutes the most desirable situation because it is based on the exploration of the internal strengths to take advantages of the present opportunities (Kapoor & Kaur, 2017). Our Lady of the Lake has been able to dominate the market on pediatric care in this area. It has an extensive network of pediatricians and the area’s only free-standing children’s hospital. An opportunity that the hospital would gain from would be adding a birthing floor to the hospital. There are a few OBGYN’s that are already apart of the health system. They would be able to deliver their patient’s baby at the hospital. The hospital is leading the area in cancer treatment and has collaborated with Mary Bird Cancer Center to provide comprehensive cancer treatment for patients. Our Lady of the Lake’s should allocate more resources to make sure we always have the up to date technology to treat cancer patients. The hospital should also put a great deal of focus on cancer research. There are new treatments for cancer being discovered each day and it’s important to stay on top of the trends in the field. Our Lady of the Lake is a part of a large health system with many satellite facilities in the area. This includes two free standing emergency rooms, a children’s hospitals, urgent cares, physician offices. Even though there are so many facilities many of them don’t offer convenient hours for those who work during the day and can’t take off without penalty. It would benefit the hospital to offer appointments on the weekend and after five o’clock. This added convenience could attract more patients to the facility. The strategy S-T (or maxi-mini): This strategy is based on the strengths of the organization to work with the present threats in the external environment, with the objective to maximize the first ones and to minimize the last ones (Kapoor & Kaur, 2017). Our Lady of the Lake leads the area cancer treatment. We have partnered with hospitals in the local area to make the cancer hospital services available to their patients. These hospitals are developing their own cancer services and centers which would eliminate the need for their patients to receive services from our center. Ultimately this would decrease the amount of funds that the hospital gets from seeing those patients. If we provide the latest effective technology, we will continue to dominate the market in this area. Bad press often hurts a company’s reputation in the community and has long lasting effects. Our Lady of the Lake is not exempt from bad press we have suffered from the mistakes of staff. The new children’s hospital opening this year will help to restore the community trust in Our Lady of the Lake. Since negative news headlines included our finances in the past, the new hospital will show the community where funds have been going from our foundation. After participating in a community health assessment with the local government, we discovered that a major issue for the community was inadequate access to healthcare. Transportation is limited and its often harder for families to reach the healthcare services. Our Lady of the Lake is combating this issue because they have opened two free standing emergency rooms where there are very little health services. The strategy W-O (or mini-maxi): This strategy constitutes a development plan to convert the weaknesses into strengths, considering the opportunities in the external environment (Kapoor & Kaur, 2017). Long emergency room wait times and overuse of the emergency room. The hospital is the only Level two trauma facility in the area and often the wait times for the emergency room is long. Minor problems that aren’t emergencies are often able to be handled at appointments with doctors but, the office hours are the same time as patient’s work schedule. Offering patients extended appointment times and weekend hours would help reduce some of the traffic in the emergency room. An added benefit to shorter wait times would be seeing patients faster especially those who come in with heart conditions. Since time is a huge factor in treating patients with heart conditions this would help to reduce the heart failure complications. We should also allocate more funding to research and technology to treat patients with these conditions. All the local hospitals in the areas have birthing centers or a birthing unit associated with their facility. Ou ... Purchase answer to see full attachment

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