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Solved by verified expert:Write a 250-400 word essay in APA format about what intrigues you in Decision-Making class and how one of our Learning Objectives this first week could help in making decisions. For example, what did you learn that related to you or a dilemma that you might face? Is there a technique that you liked or might use? Explain what you would like to learn in our class. Or, you can provide an example of someone you admire who made good decisions. You may use research or your book(s) if you like, but it is not required in this personal essay.Aligning with our Program Outcomes in our syllabus, our Learning Objectives this week specifically involve:1. Analyzing business and leadership theories and operational practices in the light of God’s revealed truth.2. Applying professional, ethical, and responsible entrepreneurial leadership behaviors to tangible business and technology situations from a Biblical worldviewRead: The Introduction and first chapter of Decisive, pages 1-32. This initial chapter of the book cautions us about four villains of Decision MakingHeath, Chip and Heath, Dan. (2013) Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and WorkU.S.: Crown Business. ISBN: 9780307956392Harnish, Verne. (2012). The Greatest Business Decisions of All Timeby Verne Harnish & the Editors of Fortune, Forward by Jim Collins. New York. Published by Fortune Books. Print ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415 e-text ISBN: 9781603204415, 1603204415

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Expert answer:MGMT370 Regent Personal Decision Making Biblical W
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