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Solved by verified expert:Submit a discussion of the operationalization of a business opportunity (Section II), specifically the business product, service, or other idea from your business plan in the Marketing and Strategy course.For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document.


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Expert answer:MBA6900 Capella University Dellags Company Operati
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Assessment of Key Industry Changes
Assessment of Key Industry Changes
The company being assessed was Dellags, which produces quality printing and personal
computing services. The company operates in the technology industry. The profitability and the
success of the company have been determined by its ability to research and move with the
advancement in technology.
Indeed, change has a significant impact on the technology industry. Change in technology
allows for the expansion of businesses (Peters, Schneider, Griesshaber, & Hoffmann, 2012). It
revolutionizes the way the company conducts business, thus developing a competitive advantage
in the economic market place. Therefore, Dellags owners have to implement technology through
the planning process to streamline the business for future expansion. The change also reduces
business costs with the underlying enterprise software, ensuring that the company functions
effectively. Therefore, there has always been a need for computing, scanning, and printing of
business materials. Dellags has to conform to these changes and meet the change impacts in the
technology industry for their success.
However, the changes in the technology industry are directed and derailed by
opportunities and obstacles, respectively. The main obstacles for the changes include the rigid
structure of the company to accommodate the changes as they came. Apparently, a rigid
company structure will always inhibit its ability to adapt to the changes (Custers, 2012). On the
other hand, opportunities for the change was that the company was compatible with the current
business model and also it had a financial power which enabled it to manufacture the all-in-one
laptops and printers.
Enabling factors that drove the change included both internal and external drivers. The
internal factors include declining team morale and increased need for profitability. The external
enabling factors included the uncertain operating environment (Mind Tools, 2013). Meeting
these needs required conformity to the changes in the technology industry.
Conversely, the inhibiting factors for the change included fears of uncertainty in the
business environment, the existing structure which was rigid, and the existing commitment to the
partner organizations. These factors have also been stated by Mind Tools (2013) as the main
limiting factors for change. Therefore, alleviating these inhibiting factors could facilitate
conformity by Dellags to the technological changes and hence increased profitability and the
general performance of the business.
Custers, B., (2012). Technology in policing: Experiences, obstacles and police needs. Computer
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Retrieved May 16, 2019, from Mind Tools website:
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technology-push and demand-pull policies on technical change – Does the locus of systems
matter? Research Policy, 41(8), 1296–1308.
Strategy development
It is evident that the company looks at the market as an opportunity to grow. It is
worthwhile to start a new area of production given it has an expansive market. The company also
has all that it takes for the new printing segment to grow. The company wishes to use the profits
not only for normal purposes but mostly to major on the innovation of products. This will go a
long way in providing solutions to various needs in the market. It will also satisfy the needs of its
consumers. The development of the new product which brings together the laptop technology
and printer technology. This will be a breakthrough in the printing market which continue to
The overall strategy, therefore, is to provide the market with a flexible and innovative tool that
meets consumer needs. This is in line with differentiation strategy away from the separate
segments which most of the competitors have been producing. The combination of two
subsectors in the business is in line with the business strategy of increasing effectiveness
(Eisend, et. al, 2016). It also helps maintain the brand reputation as a company that has embraced
innovation and that is committed to research and development. Being a solution to a vast
consumer needs makes the company become a leader in the printing field. Such will also reduce
the cost of production as well as in pricing as the company concentrates the production within a
single line.
Every month is different from the other. Thus there is a need to make consider the changing
situations. Such situations can probably change the movement of sales from one direction to the
other. The company can make the right assumptions in regard to sales. These assumptions will
form the basis for reasoning for the product (Porter and Kramer, 2019). To start with, the market
will grow by 2 percent for the first six months. The product is new in the market, the company
forecast that there will be a 2 percent take some time to drift. Such is due to the level of market
share as there are other competitors. It might also take time for customers to fully accept the
product. The company, however, tend to increase the sales force as a resource by the end of the
first six months. The fourth, fifth and sixth month will see the trend change as the products is
well established and have steady sales. The sales will maintain a steady growth which requires a
strategy change maybe after evaluation on the stand of the second half of the year.
The linear forecast is the best selection as it is simple to use. It is the best selection for the
company given that it will use historical data. The company will rely on the data of previous
releases of new products. It will help the company understand a line of best fit in regard to the
demand for the product. It does not have to use a vast of parameters which might also cause
some complexity.
item sales (
first 6
sales $
Eisend, M., Evanschitzky, H., & Gilliland, D. I. (2016). The influence of organizational and
national culture on new product performance. Journal of Product Innovation
Management, 33(3), 260-276.
Porter, M. E., & Kramer, M. R. (2019). Creating shared value. In Managing sustainable
business (pp. 323-346). Springer, Dordrecht.
Project Milestone One: Operations Management
Dellags Company operates in the computing and printing industry. The company’s recent
move has been the design and manufacture of an all-in-one laptop and printer to meet the needs
of particular target markets. The step was based on the company’s financial capability as well as
expertise in the printing and computing industries. Various changes in operations in the industry
bear a significant impact on the activities of Dellags following its introduction in the market. The
paper assesses the significant forces impacting operations in the industry, critical obstacles in the
development of the product, changes in services as well as the key trends in production and the
impact of these trends on business operations.
Significant Forces Shaping Operations Management
Various forces have played a substantial role in cot rolling the day to day operations
management at Dellags Company. Changes in the political environment have been vital to
changes in the company’s operating environment as well as the overall management of the
company’s operations. Environmental issues revolve around various aspects of the company’s
activities as well as the overall impact of such factors on the environment. Government policies
related to global employment policies, thus bearing a significant influence on the overall
operations of Dellags. While not too common, other environmental factors affecting the activities
of the company include wars and conflicts within the location at which the firm operates as well
as future legislation and trading policies.
Economic factors also have had a significant impact on the operations of Dellags
Company. Various elements in the economic environment of the company have necessitated for
changes in activities aimed at ensuring that the company achieves profitability. Such factors
revolve around the financial stability of the country within which the firm carries out operations,
the global economic conditions, the market trends as well as the interest rates and exchange
rates. Such factors have called for the need for the company to capitalize on costs in operations
for the overall performance of the company.
Social factors have also had an impact on the operations of Dellags Company. These
factors include the lifestyle trends of customers, demographic dispersion, the changing tastes and
preferences of the consumers as well as consumer buying patterns. Other critical factors in the
social arena affecting the operations of Dellags right from the design and manufacture of the
products to its distribution in the market include the advertising and publicity and ethical issues
affecting the company’s products. The social factors have shaped the overall perception of the
company in the market as well as the adjustment of the company’s operations to meet the needs
of the consumer.
The technological environment has also had a significant effect on Dellags operation
management techniques. The changes in the technical environment have affected the latest trends
and application of modern technologies in the design and production of the firm’s products.
These factors include the technological trend s and developments, research and development
expenditures incurred in the design and dproduction of new products as well as maturing
technology that erbecome obsolete threatening the company’s operations and profitability
(Khanna, 2015)n. . With the advancing technology, various legislations have been put in place to
regulate technological activities. These legislations have also had a significant impact on the
operations of the company. Additionally, advancing technologies have influenced important
innovation and creativity in the computing and printing industries. Other factors in the
information and communication industry have also significantly changed the operations and
management of Dellags Company.
Key Obstacles and Issues in Operations Management
The evolution of operations management was not an easy task for the management of
Dellags Company. The management of the company faced a series of obstacles along the way in
adjusting its operations to meet the changing needs of consumers as well as the other forces that
necessitated the need for changes in the firm’s operations. Globalization was one such factor.
While the company sought to adjust its services to meet the tastes and preferences of consumers,
there was a need to improve operations to fit the global market. The operations managers f the
company had to make adjustments and coordinate the various functions of the management to
ensure the production of products to remain competitive in the market.
Another obstacle in the transition of the company’s operations management practices was
the increasing need for sustainability in the design and manufacture of the company’s products.
The rising calls for sustainability in the global market had a significant effect on the operations
of Dellags Company (Khanna, 2015). As such, the company had to incur additional costs to
invent product parts that boosted the overall sustainability of operations in the company. In
services, the company had to take into consideration factors related to the safety, welfare,
communities, environment as well as economic sustainability. The company had to implement
best practices with a concern for all the three pillars of sustainability.
It was also evident that the operation managers of Dellags Company faced an obstacle in
ensuring effective communication across various departments of the company. There was a need
for the operations managers to put in place mechanisms to ensure effective communication with
both internal and external stakeholders. The operations managers had to take time to
communicate messages related to changes in the management of operations as well as processing
the messages directed to the department. The need for effective communication was also critical
for building employee morale and deepening trust with management.
The design of systems to address the changes in operations management was also another
obstacle for the operations managers at Dellags Company. There was a need for managers to
develop critical systems that allowed for the design and manufacture of quality goods and
services to meet the needs of consumers in the market
Handling Obstacles
The management of Dellags Company had to handle the obstacles to ensure the
continuity in operations as well as the overall profitability of the company in the competitive
industry. The management devoted an increased budget to handle the transition in its services to
the current operations systems. The budget was critical in the training of employees on the
changes as well as the establishment of effective channels of communication and the designing
of essential systems to ease the transition. The company also offered training sessions for the
company’s employees to inform them of the changes as well as putting in place measures to
facilitate development in the firm’s operations.
Additionally, the company had to engage experts and consultants in the operations
management field to ease the implementation of changes. The consultants provided the necessary
expertise for smooth transitioning of operations in the company. They formed a link between the
present and the future desired state of services in Dellags Company. It was upon the smooth
transitioning that the company disengaged the consultants who continued to offer support for the
Changes to Operations Management Philosophies and Organizational Structures
The evolving complexities in operations of businesses have called for changes in the
operation management philosophies and organizational structures. A significant factor for the
differences, in theory, has been the impact of globalization on the operation of an organization.
Globalization has been an essential factor affecting the operations of the organization and
consequently leading to the changes in operation management philosophies as well as
organizational factors (Smart, Maddern,& Maull, 2009). Globalization has been vital in offering
better opportunities for growth of businesses as well as optimization of the various costs related
to the operations in organizations. As such, the operations of an organization have been
influenced by globalization forces affecting several operations. Globalization has seen the move
by firms to reduce costs through utilization of employees from various geographical regions as
well as the expansion of firm’s objectives to cater for the need of various internal and external
stakeholders (Puig, Marques, & Ghauri, 2009).
The modern management of operations in an organization revolves around various
operation management theories and practices. Business process redesign is a technique vital for
the analysis and design of workflow and business processes in an organization (Chang, 2016).
The approach is critical in helping companies to restructure organizations through the design of
business processes to be in line with n strategic plans of the organization. Reconfigurable
manufacturing systems play a critical role for organizations primarily in the technology industry.
The firms in the industry design systems to incorporate accelerated changes in the structure,
software, and hardware components. The approach is vital in rapid adjustments of production
processes to ensure continued operations during transition phases as well as enabling
organizations to efficiently respond to the market as well as system changes. The six sigma
approach to operations management defines steps and sequences in the effective management of
operations in an organization (Pepper & Spedding, 2010). The adoption of this approach aims at
achieving financial efficiency through reduction of costs and maximization of profits. Critical
ratios come into play in the application of the six sigma approach in the management of
operations in an organization. These include trending charts as well as defect calculation
approaches, among others.
Another critical approach that has led to the changes in operation management
philosophy and organizational structures is the lean manufacturing approach. The system
supports the move by an organization to eliminate wastes within the manufacturing process, thus
ensuring efficiency in operations.
Business Operations of Dellags Company
Dellags Company applies various organizational management practices in ensuring the
effectiveness in the management of operations. The company regularly reviews plans and
objectives that must be compacted to achieve the overall goals of the firm. The company then
determines the work activities as well as product designs and actions critical for the
accomplishment of the set objectives. Another crucial step in the management of operations at
Dellags Company is the classification of activities into manageable units to ensure smooth
operations in the company. This is followed by the assignment of activities and delegation of
authority to various employees and executives to ensure that tasks and activities are carried out
according to the plans (Tyler & De Cremer, 2005). The company then determines a hierarchy of
relationships to ensure accountability in the operations of the company.
The organizational processes adopted by Dellags Company are critical to the
achievement of the overall objectives of the firm. The company seeks to remain competitive in
the industry while designing and producing products that adequately meet the changing needs of
the consumers in the market. The company’s mission, vision, and values come into play in the
design and application of various organizational practices. The activities surrounding the
operations of the company are in line with the company’s strategic plans to expand operations
and remain profitable in the market.
Various factors are critical to the productivity and profitability of Dellags Company. One
of such crucial factors is the human resources of the firm. The company is well staffed with
expert and well-skilled employees in various departments of the company. Dellags is committed
to employee development through training and development approaches critical for boosting
productivity and the overall productivity of the company. Additionally, the organizational
structure adopted by the firm seeks to ensure the smooth running of operations in the company
thus maximizing operations as well as productivity and profitability of the firm (Foster,
Haltiwanger,& Syverson, 2008). Marketing efforts applied by the company also create awareness
of the firm’s products across global markets and build on the reputation of the firm in global
markets. The move is vital for increas …
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