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Solved by verified expert:Please correct grammar and make the sentence more smoothli.put it more midly. thanks

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Expert answer:Make up the sentence
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This group working is not so productive. The group of people I worked with was Janet,
Jessica and Owichira. Everyone was only work for themselves include me. I understand that
everyone was so busy every day, and the other reason is this is an online course. We can’t
discuss face to face. The only communication way we used was leave a massage on google
doc, So we can’t answer questions in time. If there is an opportunity, I will ask group
number to leave their phone number for next time.
About my project, I feel like I will be missing some point for my group, I possibly miss
some important information. My original title was “How do e-cigarettes affect the
respiratory system compared to traditional cigarettes” but this morning I noted that all my
group number’s title was something about “Media influence” I temporarily modified my
topic and content, even so, I feel like my project still digresser from the subject, I didn’t
make the focal points stand out. If I have enough time I will focal on the media influence

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