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Solved by verified expert:Self-Assessment ReportThe Leadership Self-Assessment Quizzes are an important component of the Written Exercise for this module. The quizzes are intended to reveal certain personality traits and leadership behaviors that you may not be fully aware of. By no means are these quizzes regarded as “all knowing” of your leadership skills, and thus the results should not be taken as the end, but rather as the beginning, of the self-assessment process. You are expected to critically analyze the results and not just accept them at face value.Take the following Leadership Self-Assessment Quizzes in the text:•Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 13-1: Are You a Strategic Thinker? My score states I think strategically, which should help you provide strategic leadership to other. •Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 13-2: My Attitudes toward Sharing Knowledge My score states that I am generous with respect to knowledge sharing and would probably fit well in an organization that practice knowledge management. •Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 14-2: My Tolerance for Cultural Differences My sore states my tolerance for working with people different from myself is within the average range. If I learn to become more tolerant of differences, you are more likely to become an effective multicultural leader. Leadership Skill-Building Exercises A major part of being a strategic leader is to think strategically. Entrapped by the necessities of the small tasks facing us daily, it is easy to “think little” instead of “think big” as required to be a strategic thinker. A “little thinker” might attend a leadership seminar and spend five minutes demanding a $5.00 rebate because he or she was served ill-prepared food at lunch. A “big thinker” might reflect on the saying poorly prepared mill as a lesson in the importance of employees taking care of some more details to ensure customer satisfaction. For this assignment, how you capitalized-or did not capitalize-on the opportunity to think strategically during the last week or so.To be an effective cross-cultural leader, you need to work effectively with people from demographic and cultural groups different from your own. Describe what experience you have had lately in working with and/or relating effectively to a person quite different from you. If you have not had such an experience, take the initiative during the next week to relate meaningfully to a person quite different from you in terms of cultural or demographic group membership.Submit a written report that covers both the portfolio building leadership skill- building exercises. The report should also incorporate your findings and conclusions from the self- assessment quizzes in this module, and from personal reflection. The exercise must conform to the requirements of APA formatting, to include cover page (running head, page number, title, author, university), a table of contents, APA-level headings and subheadings, proper in-text citations, and a reference section at the end. 1000- words. Proper writing style, to include APA, is vitally important at this level. I believe that some could find the writing tool Grammarly to be very advantageous. Most of you had an issue in your reference page and this is the one time I will give you a freebee: The title of a text-book should read like a sentence; the first letter of each word should not be capitalized.

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Expert answer:Leadership Applications Written Exercise 7
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