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Solved by verified expert:Should be written in essay form, and should be 2 double spaced pages, 12 size font. Please do not change the page margins.In the article, “Jewish comes up in you from the roots” anthropologist Barbara Myerhoff discusses the concept of “domestic religion.” What does Myerhoff mean by “domestic religion”? Discuss this concept by referring to specific examples and discussions from the article.Writing Style: should have an introduction, a body of the essay in which you make 3-4 points, and a conclusion. Please make sure to do a line-by-line edit of the essay to catch any spelling or grammatical errors, or any awkwardly written sentences.Content: You should make sure that you are clearly defining domestic religion, and referring to discussion points and examples from the reading, “Jewish comes up in you from the roots”.Analysis: analysis mean going beyond simply defining domestic religion. Rather, by referring to the reading, you should be able to analyze or critically discuss the broader historical, political, cultural, religious and economic factors that shape domestic religious practices.Do not use a reference,,,

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Expert answer:Jewish Comes up In You from The Roots Article Essa
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