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GOVT 120: Research Methods
Response Paper 3
Assignment: Due on July 3
Please select a reading from the section on “Inequality and Democracy” and
complete each of the sections below. When citing the source, you should consult the
links to the APSA style provided under the class website under the Assignment link.
Article/Book Chapter Citation (APSA):
Core Argument/Thesis:
Literature Review (Identify the major works, and the arguments of each cited
by the author(s)):
GOVT 120: Research Methods
Response Paper 3
Research Design: (What method or research design does the author(s)
develop as a way of testing their argument?)
Data: (What data and from which sources do the author(s) analyze?)
Conclusion: (How does the author(s) structure their conclusion?)
GOVT 120: Research Methods
Response Paper 3

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