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Solved by verified expert:The i-Human® scenario below is designed to help you move through a
simulated clinical scenario about a pregnant patient. Your work will be
scored by i-HUMAN rubric below rubric below and transferred to a grade
in the Gradebook by faculty. This assignment is worth 100 points.Grading criteria for assignment are: History=30Physical Exam=30Differential Diagnosis=15Ranking the Differential Diagnosis=10Test Selection=15For this activity, you will need to login to your i-Human account. Instructions for logging-in are as follows:· Go to· Log in with your credentials (username and password).· Select “Assignments” from the menu options on the top left of the screen.· Press the green play button next to the Tina Sand for University case study.· The case study will open; click Start to begin.· Complete all elements of the case study (history, physical exam, assessment, etc.)Once you have successfully completed the Assignment, take a screenshot of the last screen of the activity, paste it into a Microsoft Word document, save your document, and Submit your Assignment

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Expert answer:Ihuman Tina Sand
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