Solved by verified expert:There are 2 posts that I have to comment them. Each one no less than three sentences and 100 words.No research need it. Since we just have to comment them, please don’t do it way too professional. Ex. I agree with you….The original question for post is:You read numbers 1 through 5 of Dr. Kline’s 30 “Shoulds” of Leaders. Select 2 from the list of 5 (except you cannot use the Servant Leadership “Should”) and explain how using each will enhance the leader’s ability to become and/or engage in being a Servant Leader as described in the readings and video. Make sure to cite your sources as you convey back your response (for example: say according to Dr. Kline’s presentation on Servant Leadership, leaders that display this attribute are ………).Post 1:Like Dr. Kline, I am a strong advocate of Servant Leadership. To me, being a Servant Leader is directing the group, but also participating and being a good example. The first “should” I would select to help someone become a servant leader is that leaders should have a sound moral compass. This is important because if a leader’s values, ethics and morals are corrupt, they will make corrupt decisions. Dr. Kline states that honesty and integrity are words often linked to a sound moral character. I really like the hollow tree analogy. It basically states that a when a “storm” comes, a dishonest leader will fall down and take others with them. A servant leader must have integrity and do the right thing even when no one is looking. The next “should” I would choose is that leaders should strive for greatness. Dr. Kline states that Great Leaders inspire, motivate, encourage, and promote transformation of an organization and its people. The best way to motivate someone to do something is to be a good example and do that thing yourself, instead of just trying to get other members of group to do it. In my opinion, setting an example with your actions is the best way to be a servant leader. Post 2:For starters, I agree that leaders should focus on the mission first and people always. The statement is pretty self-explanatory, but it also has a lot of meaning. A good leader should focus on both equally. By focusing on both, the willingness to adjust specific tasks for others is increased, while also expecting the task to be completed in return. Using this tactic creates a democratic atmosphere, as everyone is comfortable with their leader and their assigned tasks. If this tactic is not used, the environment can potentially become hostile and lack necessary communication. The other statement I chose was “leaders should strive for greatness”. Dr. Kline stated that many people’s first response was “I don’t think everyone has the ability to be a great leader.” I like that specific sentence because while some might believe that is true, I believe that everyone still has potential. Everyone has the ability to strive for something they want: for me, it was to make a college majorette line. Now being on the line, I’ve come to realize that little girls look up to me. I know that I inspire, motivate, and encourage young girls to be where I am now. To strive to be a better leader makes others inspired in the process, which will end up enhancing everyone’s ability to become a greater leader.

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