Solved by verified expert:Everything we wear (or don’t wear) every move we make, every gesture, expression, our very countenance, sends off cues as to who we are. In that sense we are judging people all the time, Nonverbal communication is anything that communicates but it is not through words also known as body language. We are always transmitting information in a one way or another, we are never in a state where we are not transmitting information. We tend to do these behaviors more in public than in private.Non-verbal communication regulates relationships and can support or even replace verbal communications in many situations. Different genders and cultures use non-verbal communication differently and these differences can impact the nature of interpersonal communication. Nonverbal communication can become a barrier or tear down barriers to effective communication. According to researchers, non-verbal rules may differ as per the situation, and each situation determines its set of rules. Different types of people have very different yet distinct sets of non-verbal communication behaviors (Phutela, D. 2015).One of the instances where I observed few people and drew few conclusions can be described as follows, I ‘was walking down the street, leisurely taking my time, as I have nowhere to be. Across the street I see a man quickly strutting, dog leash in one hand and can of coke in the other. Unlike me he was obviously hard-pressed to get back somewhere, although I admire the fact that he still made time to walk his adorable husky. It was hot summer afternoon; little hint of breeze was soothing now and then. Guy was wearing shorts and, in a rush, to reach somewhere, judging on his gesture, clothes it looked like he was about to meet someone at park nearby while walking his dog. I notice him smile at an elderly couple, maybe 10 yards away, who seemed to have had the same idea of enjoying the day as I had. It seemed that couple was back from hospital as paper, x-ray’s in their hand was indicative of that. Both of them looked like somewhat happy which might indicate they were satisfied with their visit and no-worries about the results of whatever test performed.

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