Solved by verified expert:Hello, I am planning to complete my master dgree in CUA , and the required a statement of purpose, this is my friend statement, just change it for me, I am civil engineering student. I graduate from morgan state university with 3.1 GPA I am planning to complete in transportation. Please only expert on civil engineering. 1 and half pagesThank you,

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Statement of Purpose
When I was fifteen years old, I realized that my father was so interested
in structural field of civil engineering, although he is not an engineer! I
had so many conversations with him about that, and he told; he found
that it is so enjoyable specially when he built our house from the
basement to the third floor with a specialist engineer. This incident
triggered my ambition to pursue civil engineering and major on
Structural engineering so that I can work by this major in the future.
Since I earned my bachelor degree in civil engineering, I felt that I
am totally satisfied to be into structural engineering as a career option to
build more and more buildings in my country specially at this time
because my country has so many building projects and they have plans
to develop Kuwait urban in the next fifteen years. So, I can be part of
that development by sharing with them my experiences.
During my undergraduating studies, I have participated in several
projects such as railway construction, building construction, and bridge
construction, and my professors would always assist me and provide my
I am sure that by continuing my higher education at The Catholic
University of America, I will improve and being developed in my
engineering skills. In addition, I will be confident to face all the
challenges that I may face in my career and being able to work in the
New Kuwait” plans and share all my experiences with the engineers’
team in the future. Also, there are two huge majors are helping me to be
succeed in the future which are my proficiency in English together with
my practical experiences.
The last thing that I would talk about is why I chose The Catholic
University of America to earn my Master degree in civil engineering.
There are several reasons for that. The major reason is because CUA has
a great and perfect program for master degree in civil engineering.
Furthermore, it is located in a nice place to live with the all the services
around me.

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