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Solved by verified expert:You will create a strategic plan that aligns the human resources (HR) function with the organization’s mission, vision, and objectives. The overall scope of the Portfolio Project is to create a “Shared Services” structure for HR that will be housed at the organization’s corporate offices.Required Topics – Be sure to cover the following:Strategic Contribution,Personal Credibility,HR Delivery Metrics,Key Performance Measurements (KPM),Action Plan for each functional area,HR mission statement,HR vision statement and objectives.Your strategic plan should include:Title PageTable of ContentsExecutive SummaryBody of your planConclusionReference PageSubmission requirements:Ten pages minimum (not including the title page, table of contents, reference page or appendix) will be needed to complete the project.Support your analysis and recommendations with 5 credible sources documented in accordance with the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..You can include graphs if you’d like


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Expert answer:Human Resource Management Essay
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Annotated Bibliography
Britton, P. S., Campling, J. E., Dalton, N., Dowell, R. R., Grimes, V. J., Rynard, T. M., & Glot,
C. (2014). U.S. Patent No. 8,682,703. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark
These inventors introduce a system for facilitating management of core processes
allowing and organization to source and solicit outside vendors.
Friend, M. A., & Kohn, J. P. (2018). Fundamentals of occupational safety and health. Rowman
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Occupational safety and health aids by preventing and protecting employees as well as
the working environment and equipment. It is the responsibility of managers to review
these practices and share them with the staff as a precaution to monitor working
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Hanaysha shares that training and employee development leads to favorable
organizational outcomes. Teamwork also had a positive effect on organizational
Hilton Worldwide. (2019). Our Values. Retrieved from
Hilton gives you an overview of the company’s values, mission, history and heritage
while also identifying its many different brands.
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effectiveness: The mediating role of social capital. Human Resource Management
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Jiang and Liu discuss the importance of social capital and the direct affect it has on the
overall effectiveness of the company. Understanding the social capital will help you
understand the influence of HR practice.
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In Managing employee performance and rewards, the authors define performance
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the practices.
Society of Human Resource Management. (2019). What is a compensation philosophy? What
should be included in a compensation philosophy? Retrieved from
SHRM offers an in depth insight on compensation philosophy explaining the “what” and
the “why” behind it. A compensation philosophy aligns with the organization’s strategic
goals and objectives. A compensation strategy clearly defines the organization’s pay
structure and its plans to pay competitively.
Wilkinson, A., Gollan, P. J., Kalfa, S., & Xu, Y. (2018). Voices unheard: employee voice in the
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Wilkinson, Gollan Kalfa and Xu give us an inside perception of how important employee
engagement can be in the productivity of a company, shaping the work environment.
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. (2019). Laws Enforced by EEOC.
Retrieved from
There are laws in place that protect employees from unfair pay and discrimination. The
EEOC is a tool utilized to make sure employers are operating within the realms of the
law. Huma resource managers can also review this website to keep their organization in
compliance and protect them from lawsuits.
Yao, T., Qiu, Q., & Wei, Y. (2019). Retaining hotel employees as internal customers: Effect of
organizational commitment on attitudinal and behavioral loyalty of employees. International
Journal of Hospitality Management, 76, 1-8.
This journal claims that treating hotel employees as social persons and internal customers
affected their behaviors and attitudes causing them to become more loyal to the company
and reducing employee turnover. It says that attitude affects behavior.
A. Who we are

The Embassy Suites by Hilton is a privately owned and operated hotel in New

With nineteen million dollars in revenue, our hotel is the only Embassy Suites in
New Orleans which gives us somewhat of a competitive advantage against our
B. Mission and vision

“We’re passionate about delivering exceptional guest experiences.” (Hilton
Worldwide, 2019)

“We do the right thing, all the time.” (Hilton Worldwide, 2019)
C. Objective and thesis

Our objective is to develop a high-performance culture that grows our business.

Another objective is to achieve and maintain client satisfaction to gain the
intangible benefit of a good reputation.

Lastly, we want to develop and retain a group of talented employees to work
towards the company’s common goals.
Human Resource Administration
A. Staffing
1. Interview arrangement

We will review how to properly schedule interviews.

We will review how to conduct interviews.
2. Labor contract

An offer letter includes job description, salary, benefits, paid time off, work
schedule and reporting structure.
B. Learning
1. Courses

Employees will complete courses on diversity, ethics and conflict resolution.
2. Training

Training will be departmentally and will vary depending upon one’s job title.
C. Compensation Philosophy
1. Philosophy

We strive to offer fair and competitive pay.

We will pay you for the job entails.
2. Benefits management

Health, life, vision, dental, employee contribution plans, short and long term
3. Rewards and Performance

Incentives based on merit, seniority and performance
4. Annual Reviews

We will discuss employee performance to review areas for improvement.

Annual raises will be determined by performance and cost of living
Data Transactions
A. Employee Data
1. New Hire Data

How to store data

What information is needed: background checks, references, credit checks
B. Reporting
1. Internal HR data reports

Sending payroll alerts, time clock alerts and updates

Reports will ensure company policies are implemented.
2. External compliance reports

A human resource manager we make sure the company adheres to federal,
state and local labor laws.
Employee Queries
A. Ask HR
1. Employee questions on policy and guidelines
2. Employee self service

Discussing the application Workday to view check stubs, view W2’s, change
benefit elections and request time off
Vendor Management
A. Payroll, benefits, recruiting and vendor contract management
A Human Resources strategic plan can optimize business workflow. It is to consolidate
the functions of HR services to gain efficiency across the organization. Shared services
maximizes company productivity and provides a foundation of administration functions.
Hilton Worldwide. (2019). Our Values. Retrieved from

Who are we?
The Embassy Suites by Hilton is a privately owned and operated hotel in New Orleans. In fact,
we are the only Embassy Suites in the city. We have 280 guest rooms and 5,000 sq. ft. of
meeting space.

What do we do?
We provide hotel accommodations for guests traveling across the world. Our goal is to offer a
home away from home feeling with our two roomed suites.

For whom do we do this?
While we strive to deliver exceptional customer satisfaction for our clients, we also treat our staff
as family even going as far as creating a program to ensure that people with disabilities are
granted an opportunity to join our team and provide them with the knowledge and skills to lead
successful careers with us.

How do we know when we are getting it done?
Every time we host a repeat client, it lets us know that we’re doing it right. We currently have a 3
star diamond rating with AAA.
Purpose Statement
At the Embassy Suites by Hilton, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction providing you with a
home away from home experience each time you frequent our hotel. If you are not 100%
satisfied with your service, please let us know so that we can make it right!

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