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Solved by verified expert:Final Project: Project PlanDue Week 10 and worth 300 pointsThis assignment consists of three (3) sections: a written project plan, a revised Gantt chart or project plan, and a project plan PowerPoint presentation. You must submit the three (3) sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment for which it is written. Additionally, you may create and / or assume all necessary assumptions needed for the completion of this assignment.While taking all business and project parameters into consideration, make quality assumptions to support the following requirements.Section 1: Written Project PlanYou are now in the final stage of the project plan development. All previous documentation will be combined into one (1) document that will serve as the statement of work for the project. Your goal is to have the project approved by the executive team and the venture capital group. The project plan is very detailed which is appropriate to accomplish the monumental task of implementation. However, the executive team is only interested in a ten (10) minute summation. Therefore, you also must create a compelling executive summary that is supported by your detail that convinces the executive group that your solution is optimal.1. Write an eight to ten (8-10) page executive summary in which you provide a high-level technical overview of your project where you address the following:

Describe the scope of the project and control measures.
Describe the goals and objectives of the project.
Give a detailed, realistically estimated cost analysis of the entire project.
Relate the value of the project plan solution to the competitive advantage that information technology will afford your organization.
Provide all aspects of the information technology implementation into the project plan.
Use at least five (5) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

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Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
This course requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.
Include charts or diagrams created in MS Visio and MS Project as appendix of the Word document. Make reference of these files in the body of the Word document.
Section 2: Revised Gantt Chart / Project PlanUse Microsoft Project or an open source alternative, such as Open Project, to:2. Update the Gantt chart or project plan (summary and detail) template, from Project Deliverable 4: Infrastructure and Security, with all the project tasks.Section 3: Project Plan PowerPoint PresentationAdditional to your detailed executive summary you must present your findings to the executive team and the venture capital group that, along with the executive summary, will convince the group that your solution is optimal.3. Create a ten to fifteen (10-15) slide PowerPoint presentation in which you:a. Illustrate the concepts from your written report in Section 1 of this assignment.b. Create bulleted speaking notes for your presentation to the executive board in the Notes section of the PowerPoint. Note: You may create or assume any fictitious names, data, or scenarios that have not been established in this assignment for a realistic flow of communication.c. Use a professional technically written style to graphically convey the information.The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
Demonstrate an understanding of existing and emerging information technologies and strategic impact on organizational operations.
Evaluate the issues and challenges associated with information technology integration.
Summarize the competitive advantage that information technology affords to organizations.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in information technology.
Write clearly and concisely about strategic issues and practices in the information technology domain using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.



Unformatted Attachment Preview

Section 1: Project Introduction
Erik Briggs
Professor David Verret
CIS 498
Background information of the company
ABC Adventures is an innovative e-commerce start-up company that a venture capital group
has funded. The company is currently operating with a semi-automated system that helps it to
manage its information. Being a start-up company, the company has one computer and a standalone application. However, its system is experiencing a set of problems and hence the
company has hired a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to carry out some analysis on the
problems and submit a project plan to upgrade the system.
The main objective of this report is to accurately carry out the analysis and propose the project
plan to resolve the issues being faced by the company. The overall project plan will specify
how the new automated information system will be implemented. Being the CIO who has been
hired by the firm, I have been asked by the CEO to deliver a well-designed information
technology project plan in anticipation of the company acquiring the new systems within (60)
days. Since this is a start-up company, there is currently no building or technology
infrastructure to support the business. All information technology (hardware and software)
must be implemented in either a hosted solution, on-site solution or a hybrid model. The CEO
is expecting different technologies to be integrated from different partners and the best industry
practices to be incorporated in connection with the development of technological systems. The
new facility is a two-story stand-alone building. The company currently consists of ten (10)
employees with revenues of $5 million but is expected to grow to thirty (30) employees with
revenue of $30 million over the next two (2) years.
The type of business in which the company is involved
Currently, the company is involved in online ticket reservations using web-based
applications. The company plans to launch a mobile application which will be installed on
clients’ mobile devices. This approach is easier and convenient for the clients and hence it
will result in an increased number of transactions on their system. The company has
requested the CIO to come up with a very innovative plan that will ensure the new
application will give the company a definite competitive edge.
Description of the information systems that the company should have to support the
As a CIO of the firm, I want to propose an advanced system that uses modern and innovative
new technologies. The system will be an improvement using the most advanced design
methodologies like Agile and Scrum. In addition, the new system will also be linked to the
commonly used Social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter which will give the users an
option to log in to the website via their social media accounts saving them hectic of having to
remember their passwords each time they want to log in. As technology continues to advance,
new ways of attacking the security of a system have also been discovered and therefore the
latest safe and secure design considerations will be considered in the development. All the user
inputs will be validated both from the frontend and backend and sensitive information will be
maintained with the utmost security and privacy.
a. Databases
Since the firm will be dealing with huge data and large volumes of data will be arriving
in different formats, the CIO proposes using Big data technologies. Convention
databases are unable to support huge data and hence they may result in serious problems
as the number of users increases. Big data is not only an open source, but it will also
enable the company to handle huge system traffic and analytics efficiently hence
providing a lot of important information for decision making.
b. systems analysis
The new system should be implemented using the Rapid Application Development
methodology which prioritizes rapid prototyping and instant feedback during the
development and testing cycles. This approach will allow for multiple iterations and
updates to be performed to the software without having to start the development
schedule from scratch. Prototype application for the new version will be designed at the
beginning of the development to allow the users to actively participate in the
development by giving timely feedbacks. These feedbacks will then be incorporated
into the system development context by making the requested changes or updates. User
involvement in system development allows for timely feedbacks and develops more
confidence in a new application.
c. Security
Security is a critical feature in every e-commerce system especially in today’s context
where we hear many cases of cybercrime, frauds, DoS attacks, etc. Different techniques
are used by hackers to attack different systems. This calls for different security
measures to be used in a single system. Data stored by the new system should be
encrypted to ensure it will not be of any help if stolen by hackers. In addition, real-time
validation will be done on the input fields using scripting languages such as JavaScript
to ensure only the correct data is sent to the database. Regular updates and security
patches will also help in identifying and zipping any security loophole and vulnerability
that can be used by hackers to attack their malicious software to the system.
d. Networking
The standard and recommended best practices for setting up a reliable and highperformance network will be undertaken. Cisco packet tracer can be used to design the
company network that makes use of Cisco routers. The company, on the other hand,
will provide hosting services for its application and websites. The website will be
hosted on a public domain to make it accessible publicly. The overall design will be
done focusing on reducing network latency and improve its performance and
throughput. Wireless Linksys routers setup on the network to create a wifi network that
will allow employees to access the network via their mobile devices
e. computer infrastructure
Since ticket reservations will be done at any time of the day or night, the company will
have to set up high availability and failover servers. These servers will help in providing
alternative support in case the main server develops a fault. In addition, branded
infrastructure should also be used to set up the application and web server with all
having no single point of failure.
f. human-computer interaction
The new application will be designed for both desktop and mobile platforms. As a
result, the app will be developed following the Human-Computer Interaction(HCI)
best practices including
1. Striving for Consistency
2. Offering informative feedback
3. Reducing short term memory load
4. Permitting easy reversal of actions
5. Designing Dialogs to yield closure.
6. Etc.
These best practices will be implemented on every page where necessary to give the
user the best experience when using the app.
g. Web design
This will be a dynamic website designed using HTML5 and JavaScript. Since the
content of the website will be loaded dynamically, users will be able to create and
update their profiles. In addition, the website will also be linked to social media sites
including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc through which the users can use to login to
the website or share information posted on the website.
Ambler, S. (2005). The agile unified process (aup). Ambysoft,
http://www. agilealliance. hu/materials/books/SWA-AUP. pdf, última visita, 14.
Satzinger, J. W., Jackson, R. B., & Burd, S. D. (2011). Systems analysis and design
in a changing
world. Cengage learning.
Reference number:
Document Control
Change Record
Change Reference
Erik Briggs
Initial Draft
Kenneth Beare
President, CEO
Miriam Tunnell
Vice President
Berry Lemmon
Table of Contents
Document Control
1 Business Requirements
1.1 Project Overview
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1.2 Background including current process
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1.3 Scope
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Scope of Project
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Constraints and Assumptions
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Scope Control
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Relationship to Other Systems/Projects
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Definition of Terms (if applicable)
Business Requirements
Project Overview
ABC Adventures is an innovative e-commerce start-up company that a venture capital
group has funded. This project is aimed at solving the current problems that the company
is facing by upgrading the current system which is a stand-alone application with a new
advanced system. This will begin by performing requirement analysis to determine what
the business needs from the new system. The information technology project plan should
be delivered within 60 days.
Background including current process
This project is an information technology project meant to replace the current stand-alone
project used by ABC adventures. The current system is not scalable and hence will not be
able to support the company growth in the future. Currently, the company has no buildings
or technology infrastructure to support the business.
The project goal is to implement either a hosted solution, on-site solution or a hybrid model
that solves all the problems and limitations of the current system. This solution integrates
different technologies from different partners and incorporates industry best practices in
connection with the development of technological systems. The new system should grow
the business revenue from $5 million generated by ten(10) employees to $30 million with
thirty (30) employees over the next two(2) years. This will only be achieved if the system
is scalable to support an increased number of employees and resources without affecting
its normal operations and performance.
The IT role for this project is to define and recommend/approve the information systems
that the company should have to support the business. These include
a. Databases
b. Systems analysis
c. Security
d. Networking
e. Computer infrastructure
f. Human-computer interaction
g. Web design
1.3.1 Scope of Project
The scope of this project includes a number of areas including Applications, Sites, Process
Re-engineering, Customization, Interfaces, Architecture, conversion, Testing, Funding,
Training, and Education. For each area, there should be a corresponding strategy for
incorporating these areas into the overall project.
a. Applications
In order to meet the target production date, only these applications will be
Product Catalog
Shopping Cart
Merchant Interface
Payment Processing
b. Sites
These sites are considered part of the implementation:
c. Process Re-engineering
Re-engineering will involve the following steps
Develop Vision and Objectives
Understand Existing Processes
Identify Process for Re-design
Identify Change Levers
Implement the New Process and make it Operational
Evaluate the new Process
Ongoing Continuous Improvement
d. Customization
Customizations will be limited to the developers though in future the users might
also be allowed to customize the system to fit their needs.
e. Interfaces
The interfaces included are:
Registration interface
Login interface
Product Catalog interface
Checkout/Merchant interface
Order confirmation interface
Order-history interface.
f. Architecture
Application and Technical Architecture will ensure efficient and effective use of
the system resources to meet the key business needs. They will help the system
achieve better performance metrics, throughput, and a balanced mix of workload.
g. Conversion
Only the following data and volume will be considered for conversion:
Order data which contains visitor data, item data, and the time the item
was purchased.
h. Testing
Testing will include only include Usability testing, Load testing, and Functional
i. Funding
Project funding is limited to the venture capital group.
j. Training
Training for employees will be done after the system have been tested and
received a couple of approvals from the users. Employees will be provided with
training schedules so that they know what to expect and be prepared.
k. Education
Education will include training the employees on how to operate the new system
and where to find important features needed to accomplish their tasks. This will
be done by professional trainers and user guide manuals that will be provided to
each employee.
1.3.2 Constraints and Assumptions
The following constraints have been identified:
● The information technology project plan should be delivered within 60 days.
● The system must incorporate different technologies from different partners.
● Any change that might affect the cost or timeline for the project must receive
approval of the business owner representative.
● The team will implement either a hosted solution, on-site solution or a hybrid
model since the company is a start-up company and has not built or technology
infrastructure to support the business.
The following assumptions have been made in defining the scope,
objectives, and
● There is no existing system since the company is a start-up company.
● New facilities to be located by the company are out of scope.
● Any additional information system to be integrated into the new system
is out of scope.
● Changes should be communicated and receive approval from the
business owner representative earlier enough.
● The new system will improve business performance and increase its
1.3.3 Risks
The following risks have been identified as possibly affecting the project during its
a. Insufficient funding/budget
b. Inadequate user involvement
c. Uncertain or changing project scope and objectives
d. Delayed approval of changes in requirements
e. Delayed project delivery
f. Misunderstanding in requirements
1.3.4 Scope Control
The control of changes to the scope identified in this document will be managed through
the Change Control, with business owner representative approval for any changes that
affect the cost or timeline for the project.
1.3.5 Relationship to Other Systems/Projects
It is the responsibility of the business unit to inform IT of other business initiatives that
may impact the project. The following are known business initiatives:
a. Type of service that the employees should sell more.
b. Technological change.
c. Acquiring new facilities in the near future.
d. Hiring more employees in the future.
e. Change of roles.
f. Desire to attract more sources of funding.
g. Web marketing in social media
h. Collaboration with other major eCommerce
i. Search engine optimization
j. System backup
1.3.6 Definition of Terms (if applicable)
List any definitions that will be used throughout the duration of the project.
a. Budget: an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time.
b. Scope: a documented list of specific project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs, and
c. Conversion: identifying the data that needs to be transferred from the order system
to the new system and the format to transfer so that the data can be supported by
the new system.
d. Chief Information Officer (CIO): this is an executive within an organization who
oversees the technological needs as well as its research and development (R&D).
e. System: a group of interacting or interrelated entities that form a unified whole.
f. IT: short for information technology. Refers to the study or use of systems
(especially computers and telecommunications) for storing, retrieving, and sending
g. Objective: measurable goals that the project will accomplish.
Project Deliverable 3: Database and Programming Design
Erik Briggs
Professor Verret
CIS 498
One (1) of the main functions of any business is to transform data into information. The use of
relational databases has gained recognition as a standard for organizations and business
transactions. A quality database design makes the flow of data seamless. The database schema is
the foundation of the relational database. The schema defines the tables, fields, relationships,
views, indexes, and other elements. The following schema is created by envisioning the business,
processes, and workflow of the ABC Adventures.
Database schema that supports the company’s business and process
Support for the above database schema
In this case, the schema diagram is composed of three tables, fields, relationships, views, and
All the following tables are essential for the business to run smoothly.
a. Customers: Stores customers’ data such as customer id, names, contacts, and their
b. Products: Stores product information including product name, product id, and product
c. Orders: Stores order details including order id, notes attached on each order, order date,
and quantity.
Table indexes help one to quickly locate data without having to search every row in the database
each time the database is accessed. For this case, ABC Adventures database schema has the
following two indexes
a. Products Index: Helps to locate all the product names stored in the database under the
Products table.
b. Customers Index: Helps to locate all the customer names stored in the database under the
Customers table.
The following views have been defined in the ABC Adventures database schema to return
information that users interact with frequently.
a. Products view: This view returns detailed information about all the products registered in
the database.
b. Customers view: This view returns detailed information about the customers registered in
the database including their first name, last name, mobile number, and email address.
c. Orders view: This view returns orders information recorded in the database. These are
orders made by customers on a given date.
Database tables with appropriate field-naming conventions, primary keys, foreign keys, and
referential integrity
The following tables are essential for storing all the business information required to have the new
system meet all the business requirements.
Since referential integrity is the accuracy and consistency of data within a relationship, it will be
achieved by normalizing the tables above to the third normal form. This will ensure all the tables
and their fields are well referenced with primary keys and foreign keys to avoid inconsistent
deletion of updates.
Normalizing the database tables to third normal form (3NF)
The following tables have been designed from the tables above by eliminating data redundancy
and transitive dependencies in all the tables.
Entity-Relationship (E-R) Diagram
The rationale behind the design of the E-R Diagram
The above E-R diagram is a graphical representation of how the new ABC Adventures database
will be designed. It represents each entity its 3rd Normal Form with all the appropriate attributes
for each entity. All the key attributes are shown on the left-hand side and are underlines as required
by their presentational rules. New customers will have their accounts stored in the customers table
and use them later to log in to the site as well as purchase products. The …
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