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Expert answer:HN522 Liberty Adult School Practicum Hours Discuss - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:Please read the attached document and provide a detailed response to each comment. Also, please include a reference.

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Expert answer:HN522 Liberty Adult School Practicum Hours Discuss
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DQ#1 Review the NAADAC or ACA Code of Ethics for your discipline. What challenges do you feel may be presented
by these codes? Be specific. What is the reporting process at your site for duty to warn and duty to protect?
My facility is House of Metamorphosis in San Diego, CA
DQ#2 what is your plan for ensuring that you acquire the necessary hours to successfully complete this course?
What would you do if you have any concern that you may not meet the hour requirements?
My plan is to log 15 hours per week.
DQ#3Examine your state’s requirements for practicum hours. Please note that Professional Counseling students
and Addictions Professionals have different requirements in practicum hours. Does the program you are enrolled in
meet your state requirements for practicum hours? How or how not?

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