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Expert answer:George Mason University Power Output Discussion - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:I needed someone who have this software and this components to help me to do this assignment.Software needed: MPLAB X IDE from MicrochipComponents needed: 1- Curiosity HPC Development Board Part Number: DM164136 . & 2- 2 microcontrollers PIC18f45 K 50 (PIC18F45K50-I/P 40 PDIP)Instruction for the assignment :Produce an output from a 110 VAC deviceAn example of this could be turning off/on a 110 VAC bulbYOU NEED TO USE A POWER ELECTRONICS SOLUTION (i.e. the one recommended in the parts list).The assignment must include: A pdf file describing:Problem descriptionPseudocodeAssembly code (Comments please)Wiring diagramSystem’s Picture and short video (use your smartphone)

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Expert answer:George Mason University Power Output Discussion
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