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Solved by verified expert:Formal academic essay 6-8 pages on the book “I Know why the caged bird sings” by Maya Angelou.It should include a formal introduction paragraph, body paragraph, conclusion paragraph.Need three secondary sources like quotes from outside.Need one primary source (the book).include a work cited pageSTRICT MLA ACADEMIC FORMAT!!!! you are writing a formal academic research paper and not an explication/analysis paper; you must approach the work in a more formal manner.Choose ONE from either Themes, Settings, or Characters to come up with a strong thesis which answers ONE of the Suggested Essay Topic Questions about this book: Themes, Settings, Character.- What characters serve as positive role models for Maya? Specifically, how does Maya come to her conclusions about the strength of black women?- Does Maya’s sense of displacement make her susceptible to Mr. Freeman’s sexual advances? How does the rape and Mr. Freeman’s death influence her throughout the rest of the book? (this could be one the the male character to write about if you choose to focus on Characters.)- What means of resistance against racism does Angelou depict? How did the opportunities for resistance for rural southern blacks differ from those available to the black people in San Francisco? How might they be attributed to a generational difference? (this could be one big theme of racism and segregfation)- Discuss the character all of the female or male characters. What impact did they each have on Maya’s life? (Characters)- Analyze the influence of beauty and appearance on Maya’s life and choices. (Theme)- Compare and contrast the various settings in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.And what does it have to do with Maya’s character and her life. (setting)or you could also come up with your own topics to write about as long as it focused on only theme or setting or character.

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Expert answer:formal academic essay
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