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Solved by verified expert:In < 700 words, write a response essay that addresses the following questions/issues:
● What are some of the ways in which Facebook has adjusted its advertising
strategy for a mobile, app-based world?
● How was Little Passports able to achieve a considerable level of success by using
Facebook’s ad platform? ● How do you feel personally about Facebook’s LookAlike Audiences program?
Why do you think Mark Zuckerberg expressed fears about putting more ads into
users’ news feeds?In this section, feel free to talk about your own experiences as
a user of Facebook (or any other, similar online community). Are there any
particular advertisements (or advertising approaches) that you felt were
particularly good? Or, have you ever felt a negative reaction towards such ads? No citations are needed, either. Most of your time
and energy should be devoted to the third section. I am looking to see case write-ups
that demonstrate originality and kindly check the attachment of materials


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Expert answer:Facebook Social Marketing Essay
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