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Solved by verified expert:Ethanol: Brazil and the United States Please read the article about Brazil and the United States. In both countries this biofuel is an infant industry. Brazil is using one economic motive to protect its Industry and the United States is using an Instrument of Trade Promotion to advance this infant industry. Here is your assignment; 1. Define in your own words what makes biofuel (ethanol) and infant industry-define in your own words what an infant industry is. 2. Examine the trade relationship currently going on between the US and Brazil-are there any imbalances that you see specifically in this industry. 3. What economic and political instruments (see the textbook) are they using to protect and promote their individual industries. 4. Are they working. (see all the supporting material… there’s lots of it for you to look at.) All of this must be in your own words…explain define and give specific examples….


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Expert answer:Ethanol: Brazil and The United States Article Disc
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