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Solved by verified expert:Rough draft is attached with professors feedback, need to revise it based on his needs and corrections for final paper. This assignment is due 6/13/19 Thursday evening. Need an A paper on this assignment. Follow directions please. I believe references need to be listed as well. Below are attached additional assignments used to make and develop this business plan assignment. Review the attached please to follow business plan paper correctly.Professors feedback on my rough draft for this business plan attached below:Good draftBe sure to put it into full essay form (take it out of outline form) for the finalI like the uniformity of the the info – you were consistent insofar as keeping the issues succinct.Still, you wrote 627 of 2000 words – so, as of right now, it would be, if absolutely perfect (even though there is still room for great improvement), a B- … if this draft were the final or similar to it, it would probably earn a low D / high F.The lack of words does not just affect the second criteria but all of the others except APA format and structureIn the intro, the pitch is sufficient, but I don’t really see a background/history or status quo of the situation for why this pitch is essentialIn Body (A), you could definitely cite business websites and be specific about their information. It’s good to show all three and their similarities, but what about highlighting the differences?In Body (B), the specifics of the survey are lost. You should absolutely talk about the process more, the demographics of the people you surveyed, and how they play into the plan more. Also, while you speak positively of the survey, you should also identify its weaknesses (this wouldn’t hurt you; rather, it would give you a better unbiased view).In Body (C), I do not see elements of library research. Regardless, remember to cite anything that comes from anywhere other than your mind.In the Conclusion, I don’t see evidence of you having followed the directions. This draft would be a fine start if I saw it awhile ago. Given the limited amount of time, it requires a major revision. You may submit it on Thursday evening, 6/13 (without exception).This was the rough draft information sent by my professor:Hello A,Please follow the steps below to complete your Independent Study Rough Draft (which is due, uploaded to Moodle, by Saturday, 6/8).1. Use APA format2. Develop a Business Plan based upon the previous exercises in the class.3. Write a 2000 word essay that details this plan.INTRO use the pitch as the introduction and then provide background/history and current state of affairs for the industry/product/service you’re highlightingBODY split your body into three partsa. research from other similar businesses and looking at the features (like the assignments from former modules)b. survey results and how they can affect (positively/negatively) the overall planc. research from library database on aspects that affect the businessCONCLUSIONProject how the plan will work – how long it will take (schedule) – what resources are necessary to make it a total realityGRADE:Proper APA format (5 pts.)Follows structure above (10 pts.)At least 2,000 words (citations and quotes and anything unoriginal does not count toward this total) (20 pts.)Background/history and current state of affairs clearly articulated (15 pts.)Properly uses at least four different business websites to support plan (15 pts.)Properly uses at least three different library database sources to support what will affect business (15 pts.)How plan will work is clearly articulated (10 pts.)Schedule and resources are clearly articulated (10 pts.)


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Expert answer:ENGL300 Northwestern College Business Plan on Open
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Angelika Blanda
Independent Study Rough Draft
Business Plan
Professor Robin, Darrell
Engl. 300
In this business plan I am recommending a checking account that offers $200 bonus
rewards for opening the account and obtaining the requirements. This account offers great
benefits such as free, debit card for usage at the ATM machine, free online banking, high interest
rates on CD’s and MMA accounts, free checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, etc. The account
also come with a free application to get a credit card. The features of the credit card include: 0%
APR on purchases for the first 12 months, earns10,000 bonus points which can be redeemed for
$100 cash back by spending $1,000 within 90 days of opening your account, 3% cash back at
restaurants and 2% cash back on gas, grocery stores and drug stores. There is no annual fee. The
account offers a free debit card that can be used at any ATM for fast service. The ATM offers
services as cash withdrawals, deposits, transfer funds, or obtaining account information without
the need of direct interaction with a bank representative. The ATM is committed in perceiving
fast, efficient and safe customer assistance in managing their money 24/7.
a. There are three different institutions that provide the same type of benefits providing a credit
card offer. The three companies are PNC Bank, 5/3 Bank, and Chase Bank. All provide 0%APY
on credit cards and balance transfers. There are no annual fees and easy to use when needed for
unexpected emergencies. These three institutions offer free debit cards as well that are linked to
checking accounts. You can access them at any time and receive great benefits. They are safe to
use, and most customers find easy, fast access to their cash 24/7 no matter where they are in the
b. I took a survey regarding the statistics and usage at the ATM for customers and the quality
they received from it. I researched the speed and helpfulness of the ATM. I also researched if
everything was working properly and if they would come back to use the ATM. The results I
received were all great and positive. All customers thought the ATM was very convenient and
useful. They were able to have a piece of mind and access their accounts anywhere at any time.
c. An ATM card connects directly with your bank account to give you access to your account
through an automated teller machine. By accessing the Atm with you card, you can make
deposits or withdrawals wherever you find an ATM or at the bank, the mall or a gro cery store.
It provides a convenience, safe and reliable access to your funds at any time. Some things that
may affect customers when using this feature can be fraud if account or card information is
stolen. Other things can be if the machine is not working you will not be able to get access to
your account and that can cause dilemma. Depending on your bank, fees can be associated
with your account by using different ATMs if your bank does not reimburse you at the end of
the month.
The business plan that I am writing about includes opening a checking account with free perks
including an ATM card and credit card that can benefit most customers in various ways. Those
include difficult times within the personal life, holidays when money is most valuable and
needed. Customers can gain better access to their money in a fast and safer way. This will give
them a piece of mind and save time by going into a bank. With the ATM they can go at any time
of the day. It is opened 24 hours.
Angelika Blanda
PNC Bank, 5/3 Bank, and Chase Bank are three different institutions that offer credit card
services. A credit card is the bank’s money that a customer is borrowing and then paying back in
a timely manner. Once a month there is a due date with a minimum amount due to pay off the
amount borrowed. There are many benefits provided by the credit cards that customers can
These three companies listed above offer the same product in different ways and different
requirements come with the credit card account. All three institutions offer the same % APR on
the first few months for qualifying purchases. They all have the option to apply online and get a
quick response back.
First, PNC Bank offers 0% APR on purchases for the first 12 months. They also offer
50,000 bonus reward points after you make a $750 purchase. You can earn 4 points for every $1
spent. You can redeem the points for cash rewards, merchandise, gift cards, travel etc.
Second, 5/3 Bank offers 0% APR on purchases for the first 12 months. You can earn
10,000 bonus points which can be redeemed for $100 cash back by spending $1,000 within 90
days of opening your account. You can earn 3% cash back at restaurants and 2% cash back on
gas, grocery stores and drug stores. There is no annual fee.
Last, Chase Bank offers 3% cash back on all purchases for the first year up to $20,000 spent. The
APR is 0% for 15 months and there is no annual fee. The cash back rewards to not expire as they
do for PNC bank credit cards.
The designs on the websites both promote other cards that are similar in use but used for
different needs for each customer. Most cards offer great rewards and cash back. The websites
all have a different color based on their logo of the bank. These institutions all have the options
of changing the card design in a different theme or color as well. Some options include the
Chicago skyline, breast cancer awareness, beach design, mickey mouse design, football or other
sport designs or just the basic traditional institution name card design.
The pros for these bank websites are that you can apply right away on the website and see
if you qualify for a card. It will tell you the decision right away and what you were approved for.
This is a great way to help maintain extra cash when needed for any types of emergencies or
events that occur unexpectedly.
Do the sites’ commonalities help or hurt their product/service?
I feel that the site’s commonalities help a customer decide on what type of credit card they would
like to apply for and that better fits their needs. There are many different features that come with
a card. Not all are liked by the customer. Customer decides based on the fees, APR % etc. I feel
that the customer can have more options deciding and comparing to other institutions. The
website has many promotions and outlined information that no other institution may have or
offer. If a customer is already an account holder that gives them more perks and a higher chance
of getting approved.
In terms of differences, is one site superior to the others? Why?
I believe that they are quite similar but with different promotion offers and products displayed.
Credit card services normally work the same way except the fact that they have more features
and benefits for the customer to choose from and experience. They are all very well advertised
trying to give the best options to its customers.
Goal= Open 25 checking
accounts within 30 days

Customer receives $200 by opening a DDA account

Banker who opens + 25 promotional checking
accounts receives

$1,000 bonus
Below everyone sees their progress, how far they are each
day, and what is expected of them
Day 1Promotion
Angie- 5
Angie- 9
Ana- 12 accounts
Bertha- 4 accounts
Candace- 11 accounts
Candace- 5
Day 30Promotion
Chris- 2 accounts
Angie- 25 accounts -Winner
Candace- 3
Ana- 7
Overview of
Bertha- 1
Chris- 0
Ana- 2
Chris- 1
Ana- 3
Angie- 2
Candace- 3
Re-ordered more
Bertha- 3
Angie- 5
Angie- 4
Chris- 1
ATM #1234
How useful is the ATM?
The ATM is an electronic telecommunication device
that enable customers of financial institutions to
perform financial transactions. Those include cash
withdrawals, deposits, transfer funds, or obtaining
account information without the need of direct
interaction with a bank representative. The ATM is com
mitted in perceiving fast, efficient and safe customer
assistance in managing their money 24/7. Please fill out
this questionnaire to give us feedback on how the ATM
is helping with your banking needs. Thank you.
Please rate the quality of the service you received
from the ATM
Was the ATM helpful with accessing your accounts?
 Yes |  No
 Yes |  No
Prompt and efficient?
 Yes |  No
Please rate the quality of the money dispensed.
Please rate the speed of performing your transaction.
Was the ATM functioning properly?
Please rate your overall time spent.
How frequently do you visit the ATM?
 3-5 times per month
 1-2 times per month
 Once every 2 months
 Other
ATM #1234
Do you plan to return to use the ATM?
 Yes |  No
Would you recommend using an ATM to a friend or
family member?
 Yes |  No
Why, or why not?
What type of transaction did you perform?
What specialties would you like to add to the ATM
Please share any additional comments or suggestions.
ATM #1234
1234 W Archer Ave Chicago, IL 60638
RESULTS – 20 people who took survey
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The results of my survey were to determine the usage of using an ATM machine for
personal and business transactions. The ATM is a very great advantage to have, customers
can use an ATM to help better their lives and give them the convenience to access their
account 24/7. I had great results in conducting this survey. I received welcoming results and
opinions of everyone who used an ATM and why they think an ATM would be a great feature
for others, as well as why it would not be beneficial. An ATM can be assessed anywhere you
are at and gaining cash access. It can help you in many ways especially when you are in need
and away from home etc.
First, I will explain how positive the results turned out by “strongly agree”. Then I will
talk about the results that were “disagree”, Many customers have their own way of banking. We
can not change their ways but only better the different ways that may become more beneficial
for them. Saving time is the number one thing we all need and are constantly running out of.
Last, I will explain the comments and feedback I received from customers on their experiences
with using an ATM and their recommendations.
Ten of my surveyed clients chose “strongly agree” as two chose “agree”. The reason
stated behind this was that they all loved the flexibility, 24/7 access, and convenience of an
ATM. Customers stated they can check account balances, withdrawal cash without any limit,
deposit cash and multiple checks into the ATM, get a mini statement, pay bills, transfer money,
change or unlock debit card PIN, etc. The customer stated it is accessible anywhere and any
time they’d like which saves them lots of money and time. They are amazed at how quick a
transaction can be processed. They would defiantly recommend this service to their family and
friends to help better their lives with their banking skills.
During my survey I had 5 customers survey “disagree” and 3 customers “strongly
disagree” that using an ATM would not be beneficial. Some customers stated that there are
more issues using them with capturing their card information and providing inaccurate account
information. Customers were upset that at times the ATM machine would shut down and
remain with the customers money, but it would not be deposited. That caused more error for
the customer and put them at an inconvenience with filing disputes etc. Their time is valuable
and need fast service that is efficient and reliable, stated Daniel Woods. Many others stated
that if there is any other problem with the ATM there is no one to talk to for help. They also
stated that a lot of fraud occurs with ATM’s and that will be more of a disadvantage to them in
using the ATM machine and recommending it to their close ones.
Overall, ATM machines are an efficient and safer way of banking. It is 24/7 and
accessible anywhere or time of the day. If fraud does occur there is always a way to help
recover your money. However, if someone steals your cash there is no way of retrieving it back
any longer. Therefore, the ethical way would be to use an automated machine and using more
intense technology to perform transactions nowadays. This is the most secure way of banking
and is easier for everyone to learn. I believe that my weaknesses about people using an ATM
and their preference is that not everyone wants or is costumed to change. Everyone is different
and way of banking is their choice we can not change only influence to become better.

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