Solved by verified expert:read three short but intense and very popular poems: “Not Waving but Drowning,” “We Real Cool,” and “Harlem,” First, which poem did you like the best? Why?What is “Not Waving but Drowning” about? If you watched the Youtube video did this help at all? In “We Real Cool” Brooks is writing about an attitude. What is the attitude she is writing about?Can you find that attitude today? Where? Are there words in Brooks’ poem you might have to look up?”Harlem” has always been a very popular poem.What is the mood conveyed by the poem?Do the words or images help create that mood?Are the poem’s similes vivid? Do these similes convey images or ideas or both?Please give examples for all of your responses–as always, more is better.I need two different answers for each question. The meaning of the answers can be similar, but the content cannot be exactly the same. The length of each answer should not be too short.

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