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Expert answer:EDUC634 LU Issues in An Elementary Science Classro - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:400 word min with references to include biblical referencesHow do you address the following issues in an elementary science classroom?Active student use of technologyLab Safety Support your response with references.•All students come to school with ideas about how the world around them works. They have analyzed observations and developed their own understanding that makes sense for them with the information they have collected to this point in time. After watching the “Jennie” video in the Reading & Study folder answer the following questions, supporting your assertions with references. What do students’ misconceptions reveal about their thinking? How should teachers address their students’ misconceptions?For some videos on physical science, visit Video (Note: this video is no longer available by the producer). A similar video about misconceptions of science is found at:

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Expert answer:EDUC634 LU Issues in An Elementary Science Classro
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