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Solved by verified expert:a) (300 words)is it unethical to exempt congress from laws that apply to all U.S. citizens? What is different about the insider trading Martha Stewart engaged in compared to the exemptions given to Congress? Since some citizens can conduct insider trading should all citizens be able to?What would happen to the U.S. economy if CEO’s of major corporations or businesses could freely engage in insider trading?In what ways does the SEC protect the various stakeholders by enforcing trading laws? b) (200 words)i) Discuss your likes and dislikes regarding communication media. Do you despise voicemail, for example, or prefer texting to live phone conversations? Why do you make the media choices you make?ii) Have you ever noticed anyone using the passive voice to avoid taking responsibility for a situation or a mistake? For example, someone might say, “Mistakes were made” rather than “I made a mistake.” What effect might this have on the speaker or writer’s credibility? Can the passive voice be ethically misused in this way?

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Expert answer:discussion post
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