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Expert answer:discussion of Dare to disagree - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:”Most organizations can’t think because the people inside of them are too afraid of conflict.”Margaret Heffernan is a powerful speaker and advisor whose voice is shaking some of the deeply rooted tenets of organizational cultures. She’s advocating to break the silence and dare to put functional conflicts on the table in order to deal with real issues before it’s too late.Click on the image and watch her Ted talk, then:…Share a personal experience (or of someone you know) of a situation where you either didn’t dare speaking up because you were afraid of the consequences, or you did speak up because you thought it was worth a fight.Try to explain what in the end was the positive or negative take away for you and if you would act differently if it happened again.Use proper conflict management vocabulary in your post400 words

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Expert answer:discussion of Dare to disagree
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