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Expert answer:Cumberlands Equifax Information Technology Securit - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:Equifax is one of the three major credit bureau that stores personal and business credit
profile information1
. Organizations rely on Equifax credit data in order to make pertinent
financial lending decisions. In 2017, Equifax revealed that a data breach exposed the sensitive
personal information of 143 million Americans2
In 2018, Equifax budgeted to spend $200 million on security and technology projects for
the year3
. In this case study, assume that you work for an Information Technology Security firm in Atlanta
and your company has been hired to provide a threat model of Equifax consumer and business
data and provide remediation to address the security issue.Key Deliverables :Your Company Information( Equifax )
▪ Company profile ( Equifax )▪ Leadership profile and expertiseAnd PPT for this partNeed APA format document 2 pages Need PPT 3 Slides

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Expert answer:Cumberlands Equifax Information Technology Securit
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