Solved by verified expert:Options 1 and 2: Media Kit News ReleaseWrite a news release related to your portfolio assignment (for either Portfolio Project 1 or 2). Your release should be 1 page and follow the formatting and content guidance in Chapter 5 of your course text.Strong CT assignments will:Be properly formatted for the purpose of the writing.Demonstrate clear mastery of the tips and recommendations for writing effective news releases.You will receive feedback and then will be expected to revise your news release to improve your media kit/virtual writing portfolio.Attached is the first portfolio milestone with the idea I have for my media kit. Textbook is Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L. Wilcox and Bryan H. Reber.

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Portfolio Milestone Option Two
Kelly A. Goodnow
COM335 – Foundations of Strategic Communications
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Maryann Lamer
May 19, 2019
Portfolio Milestone Option Two
Project Idea: Media Kit for Graphic Design for Beginner’s
Ever since I was little, art has been a huge part of my life. Drawing, painting and crafting
things with my mom are some of my best memories that grew into a lifelong love. Attending
school for Visual Communication made me realize I knew so little of the art and graphics world
and I remember being overwhelmed at everything I was being taught. What would have helped
prepare me for the journey ahead in graphics would have been a page for people wanting to
begin a career as a graphic designer.
This project will focus on providing a starting point for anyone looking into a career in
designing. Something to get them started by helping them to decide on a school and financial aid
options, as well as show them the progression of my personal journey of how I got where I am
today. This site will provide articles on the best schools, financial aid and scholarship programs,
interviews with current designers and the advice they would give to aspiring designers, as well as
a graphic and/or photo library of some of my works and creations. Many of the sites I’ve
researched touch on getting into the programs used, and tutorials for graphic styles, however I
have yet to find a site that helps with guidance before someone begins school.

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