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Solved by verified expert:Review the case study attached.Prepare 3 slides in Microsoft® PowerPoint® on the following:Explain strategies the agency should use to avoid problems like Warrant’s from persisting.

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Expert answer:Coaching and Evaluating Employees Presentation
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CJA/474 v9
Coaching and Evaluating an Employee: Too
Little Too Late?
As a new police chief or sheriff, you have already determined the agency’s employee evaluation policies
need to be changed. Your concerns include the antiquated annual performance evaluation form and the
lack of encouragement and coaching by direct supervisors. They tend to let things go regarding employee
behavior and performance until serious action is required. Sometimes employees dispute their annual
evaluations because they were never informed issues needed to be addressed.
A seven-year employee of your agency, officer Sara Warrant, is a patrol officer who is known for her
initiative but also for causing headaches for her supervisors. Your informal discussions with supervisors
and your own observations indicate that while knowledgeable and energetic, Warrant’s actions come
close to stepping over the line by being insubordinate and lackadaisical in following procedure. Often this
behavior has been ignored because her level of activity on the street is well above the average of other
She is borderline insubordinate when dealing with new or weak supervisors. She believes managers exist
only to “screw around with us.” Her shift commander has been angry about her deteriorating attitude and
reckless performance for some time and wants you to take some form of disciplinary action against her.
You have also learned Warrant has a reputation among the staff as being a show off.
Some of her past and present supervisors have even commented that she is unpredictable and marches
to a different drummer. You have heard officers and street supervisors alike mention her bad attitude
despite being a relatively productive employee.
In examining officer Warrant’s personnel file, you find she has received satisfactory annual performance
evaluations each year. While her performance on the street is mentioned, no incidents of insubordination
or procedural violations are mentioned. She has never been the subject of a formal disciplinary action
such as a written reprimand or a suspension. There is no mention of informal or formal counseling or
coaching sessions regarding her behavior. There are several letters of commendation from the
department for significant arrests and other activities. In considering the supervisor’s request for action,
you are troubled that he has made it despite rating her performance as satisfactory.
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