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Expert answer:CHI10 UC Davis How Chicanx Movement Came Into Form - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:For this essay you must utilize the course readings as your primary support and evidence, and properly cite those readings using MLA citation format. You will be required to utilize minimum 3 different authors in your essay. A strong essay will typically utilize 4-6 readings and be no shorter than 4.5 pages. Be careful to NOT overuse direct quotations. This essay must focus on analysis and contain mostly your own words. You must include a complete Works Cited page and in-text citations. Please save your document with your name in the file name and include page numbers.The essay will be no longer than 5 pages, excluding Works Cited and MLA headings.The essay will be double-spaced, 12-point font, Times New Roman (1″ margins).The second half of CHI 10 has focused primarily on shifting modes of racialization in the 20th century and the forms of Chicanx resistance that have arisen in response. We’ve discussed:The exploitation of the laboring Chicanx subject and resultant labor rights organizingThe criminalization of the Chicanx subject and the civil rights battles waged to gain recognition for Chicanxs in law/societyThe fear of radical or revolutionary Chicanx youth and their competing visions for Chicanx politicsFor this final essay, you will explain how the Chicanx movement came into formation in the twentieth century through each of the three histories of organizing listed above. In order to do so, must first explain the specific conditions of Chicanx racialization in the twentieth century that have generated collective resistance. Second, discuss in specific detail how each of these three histories of organizing have imagined and enacted Chicanx resistance in their constructions of Chicanismo. Use clear examples, paying attention to the interactions between capital, law, and ideology as racializing forces and the varying ways the movement chooses to respond to these racializing forces.!!! At least three readings attached should be cited in the essay !!! (4-6 is better)!!! No citation from other sources allowed !!! 5 pages writing assignment


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Expert answer:CHI10 UC Davis How Chicanx Movement Came Into Form
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