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Solved by verified expert:Q1: As the core component of Web 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a reality after many
years of development. Distinct from all previous generations of the Web where all the data are
generated by people, the Web 4.0 data are generated by both human and embedded computing
devices (Atzori, Antonia & Morabito, 2010).Discuss the roles of the advancement in Web technology (Web 1.0 – 5.0) and Internet of
Things in Big Data explosion. ReferencesAtzori, L., Antonio Iera, A., & Morabito, G. (2010). The Internet of things: A survey. Computer
Networks, 54(2). 787–2,805 Jacobs, I., & Walsh, N. (eds). (2004). Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume one.Retrieved from Important Note:You must use at least 5 related sources for this assignment include the above 2.Your citations and references must follow an APA format.Q2: 300 Word Summary:Big Data consists of heterogeneous and diverse datasets from many sources and these datasets need to be reduced to the same format for systems interoperability. Some of the formatting tools include XML, JSON, AVro and Parquet. Discus the roles XML, AVro, and JSON, which are the popular data formatting tools in Big Data standardization.

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Expert answer:Campbellsville University Core Component of Web 4
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