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Expert answer:Californian Man Who Dumped Dementia Sufferer Dad i - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:1. Research an article regarding an incident which occurred within the last 6 months and contains an ethical issue. All articles submitted in this course must come from a reliable source to earn credit.2. You will write a summary/reaction piece. Follow the format below, with emphasis on properly stating the ethical issue.Don’t forget to look for good ethical conduct as well as bad. Bad ethical conduct is always easier to find since it is not the norm.FORMATUse MLA format. Place your name, the professor’s name, the course name and the date in the upper left hand corner. Include a Work Cited page, (see Drop Box Rules).POST TITLE – The Title of your Article – Date of PublicationBe sure your article was published within the last 6 months.Paragraph 1 Summarize the article. What’s the moral issue about and why is it important?Review the Understanding Plagiarism Activity and How to Avoid Plagiarism in Module 1 Space down – so the ethical issue is between the paragraphsState the main ethical issueState the issue in question format – Should………………..? Or what should……..?Bold print the ethical issue. See Main Moral Issue Activity above to properly state the ethical issue:be impartialwrite ONE issue, what’s the ONE, overarching, most important moral issue?Paragraph 2 – Share your reaction to the article. Why is this a moral issue? What ramification does it have on the people in the article, or others around them? Why is this important to address?Citation – Include proper citations and a Work Cited Page.Word Count – Minimum word count 250 words. Include the word count.Do not use quotes unless specifically requested by your instructor. Use your own words.

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Expert answer:Californian Man Who Dumped Dementia Sufferer Dad i
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