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Solved by verified expert:-Crafting Sentences and ParagraphsPlease cut and paste the following questions into the file into which you type your answers.“It is important to use business clichés like cutting edge and state of the art to sound professional.” Discuss.“Because technical language typically consists of acronyms and long, hard words, it contributes to miscommunication. Thus, it should be avoided in all business communication.” Discuss.Discuss the comment: “Long, involved sentences tend to be difficult to understand. Therefore, the shorter the sentence, the better.”The following items may contain errors in grammar, capitalization, punctuation, abbreviation, number style, word division, and vocabulary. Rewrite each sentence, correcting all errors.A competent, motivated, and enthusiastic staff can be a managers’ most important asset in a competitive marketplace.Often the reputation of an entire company depend on one employee that officially represents that company to the public.The Executive Director, along with his staff, are working quickly to determine who should receive the Award.I have told my supervisor that whomever shares my office with me cannot wear perfume, use spray deodorant, or other scented products.Whatever your challenge, learning stronger “negotiating” tactics will improve the way people work and the results that comes from their efforts.If I was you, I would of avoided investing in large conglomerates in light of the collapse of energy trader, Enron Corp., over accounting irregularities.Investors must decide weather to put their capitol into bonds or CD’s.Metropolis’ stationary has a picture of the Empire state building on it.The principle goals of the new venture will be to offer tailored financial products and meeting the needs of the community.One issue that effected practically everyone was that they needed to train interns.Anyone whose starting a business should consider using their life story as a way to generate customer’s interest.Spamming is the most certain way to loose you’re email account, Web site, and you’re reputation.

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Expert answer:BUS850 Macquarie University Crafting Sentences and
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