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The answer for each question should be 250 words
The “Blue Screen of Death” is a phrase commonly used by Windows users and support personnel
when Windows “crashes”. Often a page fault error is displayed, or assumed. For this discussion I
would like you to put yourself in the position of a user whose machine has just crashed with a page
fault error.

What type of user activity, if any, might cause this?
What OS deficiency, if any, might cause this?
How would you explain this to the end-user who has just had their work interrupted? Be sure to
explain this to a non-technician in a way they will understand.

Identify and analyze the most significant two enhancement/improvement that take place in
the file system of either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
Also, hypothesize and describe what kind of change/improvement you would like to see in a
new windows operating system.

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