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Solved by verified expert:watch Episode Two (Links to an external site.) and Episode Three (Links to an external site.) of the Designing Healthy Communities PBS miniseries. These episodes are designed to help provide you with a broad understanding of the topics that are discussed in class. This week our focus is on understanding public health basics: prevention of disease, clean air, clean water, food supplies, and how a sampling of different cities approaches and manages their public health issues for maximum well-being of residents.Evaluate your own community in terms of integrated approaches to public health. Select either a focus on disease prevention and control, air, water or food.What community-based strategies do you see in place to protect health?What health services, local or national organizations exist to support wellness in the focus area you selected?Do pollution or contamination in your area impact the focus you selected?What does your community need to do to improve public health in the area you selected for this discussion?Documentation should be 250-400 words, cited according to APA writing style.

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Expert answer:BIO201 Colorado State University Community Based S
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