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Expert answer:Binghamton University Compare the Difference Betwe
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Compare the difference between Chinese supermarket and USA supermarket
a. Go to a supermarket or a convenience store and observe what is different and what is the
same as these sites in USA. (100 words say that in Chinese supermarket most of the products
are made in China, but in USA supermarket there are local, international made product)
b. What supermarket or convenience store did you pick? Where is it?
I went to the Yong Hui supermarket on Yong Ling Lu , Jin Niu district
c. How is this supermarket or convenience store organized?
Different products are organzied in line, very organized (100 words, make it up, for example food
area, fruit area)
d. Take a picture of a food that would you think would not be found in an USA supermarket such
as Meijer or Kroger.
The name of this fruit is called Liu Lian
e. Take a picture of a food that you think might be found in an East Lansing supermarket, but
would occur in a different form, flavor, size, etc. (the same but different)
f. Briefly describe both foods. (100 words)
For question f, it is a fruit called Liu Lian , not comment in USA, never saw it, but it is really
comment in China
For question e, it is instant noodle, but in USA is different shape, in USA it does not come with the
disposable bowl, most of the instant noodle come in with a plastic bag

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