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Solved by verified expert:The Complete sections should have a minimum word count (total per week) of 1200 words and each question has to be 300 words each and three scholarly sources. Approved sources for this course include the course textbook and scholarly articles from the Bethel library databases. No other source information is acceptable. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE IN OWN WORDS.

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Expert answer:Bethel University Organizational Theory Case A Wal
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Select the link to read Case A – Walton Art Center
Case Summary
1.In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case.
2.Considering the challenges she is facing, what should Anita’s plan be for the strategic
planning retreat? How would you reformulate the Art Center’s mission? Does the Center need a
new strategy? Why or why not?
3.How do some organizations predict the short and long-term future? Explain in detail how a
downturn in the economy affects not-for-profit organizations, as opposed to for-profit ones.
Case Analysis
4.Identify and explain the factors that demonstrate the Walton Art Center’s utilization of the
business-level differentiation strategy. What changes could be enacted that would alter the
Center’s strategy to one of low-cost? Would this be advisable? Why?

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