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Expert answer:Barry University Equal Opportunities in Education - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:Please read the following statements and decide if they are True or False. Please justify and give reasons why you believe a statement is true or false.

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Expert answer:Barry University Equal Opportunities in Education
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Please read the following statements and decide if they are True or False. Please justify
and give reasons why you believe a statement is true or false.
1. Section 504 mandates equal opportunities in education and training for students with disabilities.
T or F
2. When determined appropriate, transition services may begin as early as 14 or even younger, if
deemed important. T or F
3 LCCE is a functional skills/transition curriculum built on the concepts of career development.
T or F
4. Schools are increasingly becoming the location for community-based family services. T or F
5. Despite the earlier efforts and partnerships between education and business and industry,
graduate still are not prepared to meet employers’ needs, and the discrepancy between the
students’ skills and the demands of the available jobs is growing. T or F
6. Because a number of functional assessment inventories lack standardization and objectivity,
some professionals prefer to rely on standardized tests of functional skills
T or F
7. Occupational guidance does not need to be only a professional counseling endeavor; rather, it
also should consist of a variety of classroom and community-based experiences
T or F
8. Many professionals become concerned about encouraging students with special learning and/or
behavior needs to make occupational choices too early, believing that these students would be
pigeonholed by selecting inappropriate work roles. T or F
9. The fact that most IEP/ITPs do not contain functional skills/career education objectives for
transition planning and services is a serious indictment on the current educational system. T or F
10. Transition Information and Planning System (TIPS) is important for gathering in-school. followalong and postschool follow-up data on each student for better transition program planning. T or
II- Essay Questions (2/12 points each)
Directions: Please address every aspect of the question and give details and examples to support
your answers. Use your own words when answering these questions. If you use the authors’
exact words, you need to use quotes and give page numbers. Attach a list of at least 4 sources at
the end of your answers to each question, written in APA style. The answers to these questions
may be found in the textbook, in the sources listed in the syllabus, and on the Internet. Please do
and turn in your own work.
1. Identify all of the major skills or competencies you believe your students with special needs
should be taught in a K-12 curriculum effort so that by the time they leave the educational
setting, they will be well equipped to secure satisfying employment and function independently
and interpersonally in their home and community activities. Give details and sources to support
your answers.
2. Prepare a presentation to give to your school board to convince them that a more substantive
career education/functional skills approach, more specifically, the LCCE Mild/Moderate
Curriculum, needs to be implemented in your district. Explain the nature of the LCCE
Mild/Moderate Curriculum and give a strong argument in favor of its adoption. Give details and
sources to support your answers.
3. Assume that the parents of one of your students with a disability are ready and willing to
participate in your curricular efforts and that you are implementing the LCCE Mild/Moderate
Curriculum. Review the competencies in the personal-social or occupational domains, and
develop a list of activities that the family could engage in to help their child to learn the
competencies in the domain. Give details and sources to support your answers.
4. Based on your understanding of the transition/career development process and important
functional skills needing to be learned, identify the functional/career education
objectives/changes that you believe must be instituted at the elementary, middle school/junior
high, senior high, and post secondary levels for your students with special needs to develop an
adequate work personality so they have the attitudes, behaviors, and skills needed to succeed
after school.

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