Solved by verified expert:Most of the literature and articles use Zappos to explain the ins and outs of Holacracy. I thought it would be interesting to not only define it, but include the human drives and motivations behind why self-directed or “boss-less” teams work. You can refer to some of the references used in the previous power point assignment to craft the paper or use all different ones. Please adhere to APA format (especially when citing and including references). Thank you!1.…2. “Zappos is struggling with Holacracy because humans aren’t designed to operate like software,” Quartz, December 21, 2016.3. “Zappos is struggling with Holacracy because humans aren’t designed to operate like software,” Quartz, December 21, 2016.APA5 SOURCES

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The Psychology of Holacracy
and Decentralized
Components Necessary for Holocracy
to Function
 For holacracy to function properly, there needs to be a holocracy constitution,
organizational structure, operations meeting process, Glass Frog Software and a
governance meeting process (Sisney, 2014).
 The holocracy constitution acts as a blueprint to refer regarding the use of legal authority
and guides modifications according to the needs or situation of the organization.
 The organizational structure stipulates the organizational roles and their interconnection
(Sisney, 2014).
 The governance meeting process involves creation or adjustment of an organizational
structure to distribute power and provide clarity about roles and accountability required.
 The operation meeting process refers to the daily management of an organization with a
focus on addressing emerging gaps and enabling seamless flow of information (Sisney,
 The Glass Frog Software is designed to aid roll out of holacracy by containing the
constitution, roles, and the yield of operations and governance meetings (Sisney, 2014).
Pitfalls of Faulty Implementation of
 Faulty implementation of holacracy has a direct relation to the output of
an organization.
 Initially, there exists a dissonance between human emotion and the
adoption of holacracy.
 Groth (2016) asserts that holacracy embodies software design that pushes
humans to function like an operating system.
 Failing to consider the emotional implications of holacracy on the human
resources results in feeling of dissatisfaction.
 In the end, faulty implementation does not seek to address the concerns of
the human resources and drives them to rigidity in their functions.
Comparisons between Holacracy and
Human Motivations and Drives
 Holacracy and human motivations and drives have meeting points as well
as conflicting areas.
 Holocracy seeks to align human motivations and drives to focus on the
organizational goals and output as it introduces rigid but evolving
processes, rules and structure (Velinov, 2018).
 Positive outcomes in the organization are achieved if there are quality
human resources in the organization willing to occupy the roles and
function as stipulated by the rules.
 However, holocracy is quite rigid while human drives and motivations
evolve rapidly (Appelo, 2016).
 This means that holacracy can fail if it is not characterized by positive
human perceptions towards it.
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An Inside Look at Holacracy

 Velinov, E., Vassilev, V., & Denisov, I. (2018). Holacracy and Obliquity: contingency
management approaches in organizing companies. Problems and Perspectives in
Management, 16(1), 330-335. doi:10.21511/ppm.16(1).2018.32

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