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Expert answer:ART3020 Rutgers University Paleolithic Period and - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:How would you compare the artistic representations of the Paleolithic period to the Neolithic period? Minimum length for essay is TWO (2) FULL PAGES.
INSTRUCTIONS: You should include all manner of different works in order to develop as broad a picture of the artistic achievements in each period as possible – i.e. cave art, sculptures, relief carvings, monumental architecture, etc. Whenever you list any work
of art include the name given to it or at least the description if no name/title is given to it. Include all dates of attribution in your discussion, the dimensions and medium of each piece, the find spots associated with each work, current locations if relevant
to your discussion. Your own interpretations of how these works were utilized in the cultures that produced them are highly encouraged and more than welcome.

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Expert answer:ART3020 Rutgers University Paleolithic Period and
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