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Solved by verified expert:Who
wants to live in a world without pandas? Would you donate a few
dollars to save elephants from extinction? How about donating your hard
earned money to save dung beetles? It is probably easier to generate
concern for saving beloved animals like pandas, rhinos, and elephants as
opposed to other organisms like fish and bugs. But are those creatures
important as well? Over
the past year there have been reports in the scientific literature of a
significant decline in insect populations world-wide. Read the article
from Scientific American, “As Insect Populations Decline, Scientists
are Trying to Understand Why” ( and then address the following prompts: Insects
are the most diverse taxonomic group on the planet. Do we really need
all of them? Explain whether humanity should really be concerned about
insect populations and biodiversity. Your response should demonstrate a clear understanding of biodiversity, the benefits of biodiversity, and the danger of losing diversity.Select one of the factors that scientists have identified as likely contributing to insect population decline. How should society respond to this factor? How should the government respond? Are you willing to respond to the problem? Make an initial post responding to the above prompts.

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Expert answer:Arkansas State University – Newport As Insect Popu
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