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Expert answer:Analyze and explain physical process - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:Please inlcude the following:1.An INTRODUCTION paragraph to introduce the topics of Southern California chose for this essay. (What will you discuss? Why did you chose the topics you did?) paragraph for each topic, total of six body paragraphs, each body paragraph should include 200-250 words, please provide an analysis of the process and how it is related to each photo: (1) the greenhouse effect; (2) why is the sky blue? (3) Mediterranean;(4) climate change; (5) folding and/or faulting; (6) earthquakes. 3. A CONCLUSION paragraph tying together what you discussed in your essays and how your topics relate to each other and a reflection on the process of analyzing your own environment for physical geography processes (How easy/difficult was it? What did you learn trying to find these topics in the real world? Etc.)


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Expert answer:Analyze and explain physical process
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