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Expert answer:All Inclusive Culture Best Buy Employs in Its Oper - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:The culture at Best Buy is actually quite varied. An individual in this business can experience enjoyment with some amazing people. Moreover, the company tends to create a culture of inclusion at the firm where everyone can feel welcomed and accepted. The firm recruits different people from different cultures and thus give equal opportunities to every one of them. According to the company’s motto, when the company is more inclusive, there is a better chance of expanding the market (Smith, 2019). The company also provide a great deal of autonomy with regard to the initiatives. The company has adopted this type of culture because it is beneficial for it, such as employee engagement and retention improves productivity. The company always involve other employees while making a certain decision, which increases the engagement and innovation level.While doing international business, it is important to understand the culture of the business, especially in terms of mergers and acquisitions. Basically, the true meaning of culture is to collectively program the thinking and feeling in the mind that distinguishes the member of one group from another. Culture has great importance while doing business in an international market. It is important to create an awareness of cultural issues in order to ensure the effectiveness of the organization (Shenkar, Luo, & Chi, 2014). The national cultures are different at most level of the values, while the organizational culture is different at the level of superficial practices such as rituals, heroes, and symbols. In some cases, the organizational cultures oppose different organizations within the same country but these cultures are rooted in practice and can change much faster.ReferencesShenkar, O., Luo, Y., & Chi. (2014). International business. Routledge.Smith, M., (2019, March 24). Creating A Culture Of Inclusion At Best Buy. Retrieved from best buy:…READ IT, AND WRITE A REVIEW NOTE.NO MORE THAN 300 WORD.

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Expert answer:All Inclusive Culture Best Buy Employs in Its Oper
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