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Solved by verified expert:OLD ASSIGNMENT (This assignment is already have done.It was given to you to understand the topic) My Agile Concept Your final assignment is to develop an Agile deliverable applicable to a real world organizational situation; either within your organization or an instructor-provided example. For this written assignment, identify the concept for your deliverable and include the following: a)An overview of Agile (what it is, its purpose, the context in which it’s used) b)A description and/or illustration of the Agile framework c)The proposed concept and context for your Agile deliverable, and d)The concept’s attributes which make it applicable to an Agile approach (i.e. rationale) The paper should demonstrate the use of key Agile project management terms, reference relevant sources, and be written in an academic manner adhering to APA writing style; including the rules of citations, headings, and a reference page. NEW ASSIGNMENT (you just have to do the Highlighted part of the new assignment. Part (a) is already done in new assignment ) just do b, c and d My Roadmap, Backlog and Release Plan Based upon the continued development of your Agile deliverable, illustrate your release plan (i.e. roadmap) using principles, practices, and philosophies of your Agile project management. Use an Excel® spreadsheet to illustrate your plan along with a 3-4 paper summarizing your plan. The plan should include the following: a)The key deliverables b)Clear prioritization of key deliverables c)Identification of effort needed (i.e. Scope and Roadmap) d)The value statement, and e)Scheduling and monitoring plan f)Release plan NOTE: See assignment guidelines for further details The assignment needs to reflect the use of Agile project management principles and practices as well as proper terminology. All information should be included on the spreadsheet in a clear and easy-to-follow manner.


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Expert answer:Agile Concept
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Arlette Akroman, Mahmudul Hassan, Richard Majekodunmi, Sidi Diaby, Md Sunny, Vincent
My Agile Concept Paper
St. Mary’s University of Minnesota
Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs
PRM620 Agile Projects
William Smith
Sunday, June 2 2019
Question A
The key deliverables for Hawk Eye Cleat focus on the fit, touch, traction, lockdown, sensor chip,
and durability.
● Fit – How well does the cleat mold and hug the players foot? The ideal pair will fit like a
sock so there are no holes between the players foot and the cleat.
● Touch – This area is commonly alluded to as control. We will create a cleat that will
enables the player to have a decent vibe for the cleat while giving extra grip in all
conditions for putting spin on the run and on the ball when punter is kicking it. Generally
thinner is thought of as better but it is always down to individual preference.
● Traction – no one wants to be slipping while they play. There are a lot of options for
optimal traction depending on what surface they are playing on. We will make sure that
we produce the right type of studs for each player’s needs.
● Lock down – this will help keeps the players feet from sliding in their cleats. If a player
twists his feet around in their cleat right now, they’ll most likely be able to slide their feet
side to side a little bit. This is not what football players want when making quick changes
of direction which is why lockdown is important, so cuts are quicker, and sprints are
more explosive.
● Sensor Chip – this will help create signal when in use and whenever a player steps out of
bound unknowingly or pass the touchdown line.
● Durability – this area is to focus on the physical ability and assurance that this cleat will
remain functional for the players whenever they put it on. Also, Hawk Eye Cleat will be
able to exist for a long time without significant deterioration in quality or value.
Arlette Akroman, Mahmudul Hassan, Richard Majekodunmi, Sidi Diaby, Md Sunny, Vincent
My Agile Concept Paper
St. Mary’s University of Minnesota
Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs
PRM620 Agile Projects
William Smith
Sunday, May 19 2019
Agile methodology is a type of project management process, mainly used for software
development, where demands and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of selforganizing and cross-functional teams and their customers (Muslihat, 2018). Agile promotes
teamwork, collaboration, and process adaptability throughout the project lifecycle with increased
face to face communication and reduced amount of written documentation (Kaur & Mehta,
In other words, Agile is a team based iterative approach to development of a project. It
mainly focuses on the fast delivery of an application. Initially, Agile was mainly developed as a
solution to the problem of the “waterfall” methodology. Users start off with a realistic project
design process. The work on these modules is achieved as weekly or monthly sprints basis.
These sprints help the defects to get customers’ feedbacks which are included into the design
before the deployment/run of the next sprint.. Agile is very adaptable to the project when expert
developers are flexible with the process, and can work and think freely with full of independence
(Lotz, 2018).
Agile breaks down larger project into small, manageable chunks called iterations or
sprints. They are short times frames that normally last one to four weeks and at the end of each
iteration something of value is produced. The product produced during each iteration should be
put out to gain feedback from users or stakeholders.
With an empowering process, agile helps companies design and build the right product.
The management process is very beneficial for companies because it helps them analyze and
improve their product throughout its development, which enable companies to produce a highly
valuable product, so they stay competitive in the market.
II. A description and/or illustration of the Agile framework
Agile is composed of multiple frameworks, and the most popular among those are Scrum,
Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method, and Feature-Driven Development (Kulbacki,
2018). This project will use Scrum to create Hawk Eye Cleats; an electronic sport shoe which
will help determine whether a football player has stepped out of the field during a game.
Scrum is an agile framework used in the development of complex, adaptive, and
innovative projects. It is lightweight, simple to understand, but hard to master (Eichhorn, 2016) .
Five values are at the heart of the framework: courage, focus, commitment, respect, and
openness (West, 2016). Courage in the Scrum context refers to the ability of the team to have the
nerve to do the right thing and work on though problems. Focus refers to the team’s capacity to
stay focus on the work of the sprint and the goals of the Scrum team. Commitment represents the
team’s desire to achieve the purposes of the Scrum Team. Respect relates to the ability of the
team members to respect each other to be capable, and independent. Finally, openness is the
agreement between the Scrum Team and its stakeholders to be open about all the work and the
challenges with performing the work.
There are three leading roles in the scrum team: the product owner, the development
team, and a Scrum master (West, 2019). The product owner is usually a project’s key
stakeholder, and his or her responsibility is to have a vision of the product and convey it to the
Scrum Team. The Scrum master is often considered to be a coach for the team because he or she
helps the team perform to the highest level according to the Scrum values. Finally, the
development team are all the people working together on the project to complete the set of work
planned within a Sprint regardless of their official title or preferred job tasks.
Because Scrum projects are Agile projects, their life cycles are a combination of both
iterative and incremental life cycles. During those life cycles, there are several repeating events
or Scrum events that occur (Huston, 2018). The Sprint is the first Scrum event which will
generally lasts for one to four weeks during which a useable, and potentially releasable product
increment is created. The second event is the Sprint Planning event and it is created with the
collaboration of the Scrum team. At this phase, daily Scrum meetings will be performed, which
will consist of having a 15-minute meeting to help the development team synchronize its
activities and create a plan for the day. The third Scrum event is the sprint review which is held
at the end of the Sprint to inspect the product increment. Finally, the sprint retrospective is the
last event, and it is a two to three hours meeting during which the Scrum Team will examine
itself and creates a plan for improvements for the next Sprint.
To facilitate transparency and provide opportunities for inspection and adaptation, Scrum
projects use three artifacts called Scrum artifacts which are product backlog, sprint backlog, and
product increment (2018). The product backlog is the set of items selected for the sprint, and it is
also a plan for delivering the product increment and realizing the goals of the Sprint. The Sprint
Backlog is a subset of the product backlog that the team pulls into the sprint to work on. In other
words, it is a “to do” list that the development team might work on during the current sprint .
Finally, the product increment is the combination of all the things completed from the Product
Backlog which were completed during all previous Sprints.
III. The proposed concept and context for your Agile deliverable
Hawk Eye Cleat is the utilization of an electronic guide to decide whether a player
stepped out of bound during a football game. In detail, it is a technique used to decide when a
player stepped outside the line when running or catching the ball.With the help of electronic
devices in the cleat, the referee will be able to figure out whether the player is inbound or
outbound without checking the camera. The objective of Hawk Eye Cleat isn’t to supplant the job
of the authorities, but instead to help them in their decision making and reduced the time on
reviews. Hawk Eye Cleat will be able to provide a clear picture of whether the player has
stepped out of bound or not. Then, the data emitted from the sensor will help the officials in
settling on the ultimate conclusion.
Hawk Eye Cleat will be made of carbon fiber plate (this will make the cleats lightweight
and strong), fly-wire cables (wrap the midfoot for support during quick cuts), mesh and synthetic
skins combine (to create a breathable upper), and one piece bootie construction without a tongue
(creates a sock like fit). The cleats will also have an implanted sensor chip (to help create signal
when in use), and will weigh 10.5 oz.
Furthermore, this technology will be able to utilize a magnetic field to track a
cleat/player, within which is a suspended electronic sensor. Slight wires conveying electric flow
are covered around the field line and behind the objective line to form a grid. We will specially
design a cleat that could not only suspend a fragile sensor inside it, but also withstand fiery kicks
and runs without enduring any mischief.
Additionally, this technology will utilize an inactive electronic circuit embedded in the
cleat that will energize a low frequency magnetic field covering the whole field area as the
players whizzes past it. The antennas creating this magnetic field will be mounted on the stadium
and parallel to the field line. Whenever the player steps out of bound, the antennas will sense an
adjustment in their magnetic fields and will hand-off the information to a computer, which will
decide whether the player have stepped out of bound or not. In the event that the player stepped
out of the field, an alarm flagging an objective will be transmitted to the referee within half a
IV. The rationale of the concept of Hawk Eye Cleat
This Hawk Eye Cleat technology has a number of benefits that will help boost both the
baseball and the football games. One of the rationale is that it will provide an excellent grip to
the players since there is a lot of running and rapid movements involved, this cleat will help them
be faster without missing a step. The other rationale is that they will improve the overall
performance of the game, some surfaces are hard while others are relatively soft thus a need for a
right type of cleat to avoid any serious injuries that may arise from falls. Additionally, using the
cleat will improve comfort to the players as the manufacturing company will ensure the right
cleat is placed on the right shoes for a better performance. Saving time will be a big factor when
using this cleat as it will assist referees who keep running from one point to the other. Also, to
physically authenticate if indeed the player stepped out of the line before making his final
decision, with the chip being inserted to the shoe, it can automatically detect this and send a
Sports like Football or soccer has great commercial importance and tremendous popularity
around the world. Human made errors plays a great role in decision making at decisive time.
That’s why, there is a need to bring Hawk eye cleat technology to minimize every chance of
human errors and to take perfect decision.This technology is very effective and efficient in real
time delivery of information. It doesn’t help only to track things but also help players and
coaches to study their past game to improve their future game by analyzing collected statistics
and other information. The most important components of this technology are to firstly provide
fair game with highest accuracy(approx 99.99 %), then provide statistical analysis to study the
game and solve game weaknesses.It will also reduce the criticism for big time in between players
and spectators about the decision of the match referee.
After conducting all kinds of test on this technology,it shows positive outcomes and
tremendous success in the world of sport not only football or soccer but also other similar sports
like rugby,tennis and cricket with a great promise.
Eichhorn,M. (2016). What is scrum? Retrieved from
Huston, A. (2018). Learn the Scrum ceremonies in this stunningly simple guide. Retrieved from
Kaur, R. & Mehta, R. (2011). Review on Agile methodology: Embracing change in software
development. Retrieved from
Kulbacki, C. (2018). What’s more popular than scrum? Retrieved from
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Lotz, M. (2018, July 05). Waterfall vs. Agile: Which is the Right Development Methodology for
Your Project? Retrieved May 15, 2019, from

Waterfall vs. Agile: Which is the Right Development Methodology for Your Project?

Muslihat, D. (2018). Agile methodology: An overview. Retrieve from

Agile Methodology: An Overview

West, D. (2016). Updates to the scrum guide: Te 5 scrum values take center stage. Retrieved
West, D. (2019). Scrum roles and the truth about jobs titles in scrum. Retrieved from

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