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Expert answer:ACT253 DePaul University Theme Park Theater Questi - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:Hi there! Attached is the question.The event needs to be an immersive experience. If you are familiar with Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL.i have visited this location. This is a theme park and can be written about. Any other attraction you choose if not this one, would need to be somewhere in IL. Thank you!

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Expert answer:ACT253 DePaul University Theme Park Theater Questi
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Write a review of an immersive experience for publication in
ie: The Magazine of Immersive Experiences
Write a review of an event you have
attended this quarter. This could include a
theme park, museum, theatrical
performance or other event that you believe
uses the techniques of immersive theatre.
(If you would like suggestions or
confirmation that what you would like to
write about qualifies, please contact the
Executive Director.
The article should be three type-written
pages. Typed and carefully proofread.
The audience of the magazine are fans of
immersive experiences. They have special
interest or affinity for the field. They come
from a broad range of experience and
expertise. This is a magazine for
discerning patrons of immersive events, not
pedantic academics or indiscriminate fans.
Your writing should read clearly and be
clear to both experts and novices in the field.
It should be well organized and answer these questions:
• What is the event about?
• Where is it?
• Is it new or old?
• Who is presenting it?
• Who is it for?
• What is good about it?
• What is negative about it?
• In what ways does it meet the criteria of an immersive event?
• Will I like it?
Due on or before Wednesday, May 29

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