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Expert answer:A1 Business and Technical College Technology Tips - Ray writers

Solved by verified expert:Read on page. 80 of your textbook Techonology Tips on “ONLINE MEETINGS”In this reading you will learn how this Online Meeting Platforms are being used, like Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeetings, Skype and many more. Your assignment will consist on selecting 2 platforms and doing a PowerPoint Presentation comparing two sites on Online Platform.Click on Online Meeting Platforms (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to see more options.Instructions:Max 8 slidesMake sure you have a Title Page and a Resource/reference pageThe other slides can be on the following:Pro and cons of using these platformsThe costEquipment need it, etc.How many people can be connected at the same timeLastly, explain how they worklink to book…

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Expert answer:A1 Business and Technical College Technology Tips
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