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BUSA 208 C20W: Project Paper Instructions and Scoring Criteria
Each student will prepare a case study reflecting a “real life” statistical issue. The issue
should relate to a business topic of the student’s choosing and approved by the instructor.
As part of the project each student will be required to locate two peer-reviewed, businessrelated articles. Each student will then have to design an offshoot study around the same
topic as the one used in the articles. Students will not have to actually conduct a study,
only design a study.
Each student will be required to turn in a 5-7 page paper that discusses their study and
should reflect analytical thinking and application of course material.
The project will be worth one hundred (100) points.
Although not a requirement, I suggest you utilize the CSI Library to locate your businessrelated research articles. The CSI Library is located here:
Once you’re on the CSI Library homepage, the “Find Articles” section is found along the
left-hand side of the screen. The “ERIC” or “PsycARTICLES” databases would both be
good places to look for articles; however, feel free to peruse any of the other sections as
long as the articles you find are: 1) business-related, 2) from a peer-reviewed publication
from within the past twenty years, and 3) use research/statistical methods to address a
problem. If you have any questions about an article you found or are having difficulty
finding articles, please email me, call me, or stop by my office and I will assist you. I’ve
included a sample article of the type/quality I’m looking for next to the project
instructions on Canvas; you may not use this article for your project, it’s for illustrative
purposes only. Please have me approve your articles before beginning on your project!
Each student will be required to submit a project paper during finals week (due by 10:00
p.m. on Thursday, July 25th). No late papers will be accepted.
The paper should be between 5-7 pages, double-spaced with 1 inch margins along the top,
bottom, left, and right sides, and APA style. The type should be either Arial with 11-point
font or Times News Roman with 12-point font.
BUSA 208 C20W: Project Paper Instructions and Scoring Criteria
The paper is worth 100 points and should be organized as follows:
In 2-3 pages, describe the purpose of your project
(i.e. what was the topic, why did you pick this topic,
what do the research articles that you read indicate
about the topic, how did they guide you to your
hypothesis, etc.).
In 1-2 pages, using what you learned in this class,
describe how you would conduct your study (i.e.,
who would be the participants, what materials
would you use, how would you conduct your study,
Analysis Plan:
In ½-1 page, using what you learned in this class,
describe what statistical test(s) you would use to
analyze your data (i.e. if you would do a survey how
would you analyze the data, if you would do an
experiment how would you analyze the data, etc.).
In 2-3 pages, describe what the hypothetical results
of the study would mean for real-world businesses
(i.e. what could other business leaders potentially
learn from your study, etc.).
40 points
20 points
10 points
30 points

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