Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on expansion of apple company business. Expansion of business of organizations is one of the most popular trends in the 21st century, whereby most companies are going global in order to reach new markets (Urbany and Davis, 2010, p.153). The level of competition has extremely gone up in both the domestic and international markets thus calling for the adoption of proper strategies that can enable business organizations to remain competitive and increase its market share. One of these companies that have experienced enormous growth is the technology giant, Apple Inc. Ltd (Luther, 2001, p.43). The company has been able to expand and increase its sales despite the stiff competition it faces from other techno giants like Microsoft, Samsung, Lenovo, and Dell among many others. This has been made possible by the incredible marketing strategies that the company applies, which always gives it an upper hand in this competitive industry (Rosenberg, 2011, p.88). This report will focus on the Apple Company and use it to explain the concept of successful marketing.Marketing is one of the major aspects that highly determine the future growth of a company. Marketing refers to deeds done primarily to realize the firm’s goals by engaging in clients need as well as directing the flow of need-satisfying products from the producer to the consumers. Effective marketing highly influences the future success of an organization (Paley, 2006, p.36). Positive effects of marketing can be well illustrated by focusing on the successful trend of Apple Corporation. The company has been able to introduce new products successfully in the existing market as well as penetrating into new markets with the existing products among many other aspects as covered by Ansoff’s Growth Matrix (Mohr and Slater, 2010, p.196).

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on expansion of apple company business.
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