Need an research paper on the movie the ten commandments. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism. Reaction to the Movie “The Ten Commandments”Whether one believes in Christianity or not and regardless of one’s opinion of the movie “The Ten Commandments, most would agree that there was much reaction to it due to the fact that it contained a universal topic. Around the world, many people believe that there are individuals who believe in God and attempt to do good, deliver the message of peace, and to “rescue” others from whatever “bondage” life holds. Wiggins (2006) quotes Orrison (n.d.) as she reported on the main character and theme of the movie, “Definitely Moses can be correlated with the Aslan in Narnia and, of course, Moses is the forerunner of Christ. The wonderful thing about the Moses story is that it is covered in so many religions. It’s not just one religion. It’s in the Hebrew Bible, it’s in the Christian scriptures, and it’s in the Koran. So, this is someone we know, not only the immediate people he came in contact with and made a difference in their lives, but he made a difference in the lives of all men from his life forward.”Humans are, in a sense, in “bondage” or slaves to someone or something. Whether it be bills and debt. anxieties and worries. addictions and bad habits, we are in bondage such as the people in movie “The Ten Commandments” were in bondage as slaves. To be free of the “bondage” that keeps us as “slaves”, we must make do the foot work and make changes. And as in the movie, foot work is hard and change, whether for good or for bad, is extremely scary. There must be someone or something to help lead us in making these changes and taking a step out of what keeps us in “slavery”. In reality, it might be health problems that lead one to change their lifestyle habits or a loved one telling another that, for example, the addict’s alcohol problem has to be addressed. In the movie, Moses was the one to lead the people out of Pharoah’s bondage in order they would no longer be slaves. Many problems arose as he lead thousands of people out of what they have always known, a life of slavery under the Egyptian Pharoah. The people had to take the biggest leap of faith as they faced obstacles that were indescribable. God required a leap of faith and work on their part and as they did so, He stepped in to help them and perform big and little miracles. It was a struggle to continue on as they faced one brick wall after the other. Many complained and grumbled and it was an ordeal to keep the mass going and organized. There were times when many felt like giving up and times when they actually did give up by creating false gods to worship and refusing to continue on. The work was excruciating, the faith swayed, and the end of the tunnel was hard to see. There were so many emotions as so much was going on during this time. Like the characters of the movie, in reality we complain and grumble as we go through the changes and face the obstacles that come our way in taking the necessary steps to be free of what keeps us in “bondage”. These are the reasons why the movie was one of the biggest income-generating films and is still being watched today. People from all cultures can relate in one way or another. The movie is still being viewed because its topics (which have been mentioned in this writing) are issues that still affect us today.I believe that it would be hard for one who does not believe in the Bible and the story of Moses to fully grasp the concept of this movie, not only because of their believes but because of the lack of technology at the time. A movie has to be limited as it cannot last forever and all must be smashed into 1.5 to 2.0 hours. Therefore, it was one drama after the other and one miracle after the other. With the lack of technology in making the scenes more “real” and the time frame of one event after the other happening, I believe that it would be hard for many to fully grasp the message and concept of the movie. However, for those who believe in Christianity, it would be easier to understand. Although there were some flaws and mistakes in the movie, it was rather humourous. However, if one did not know truly of the Bible then perhaps one would not notice the errors.In conclusion, in all walks of life, we have people who, like Moses, try to deliver help and hope for those who are in “bondage” that keeps them as “slaves”. Many people believe in the concept of God-driven people who attempt to make the world a little better by helping others. We humans face things that keep us in “bondage”, as mentioned previously and someone, or something, usually leads us to make the step in being free and changing whatever is causing us to be enslaved. Change requires work and change is extremely scary. Many times, like the characters in the movie, we quit and then turn around and start back up again. I believe that the movie has an overall message that still touches the lives of people from all cultures even today.ReferencesWiggins, M. (2006). Chronicling The Ten Commandments: Interview with Katherine Orrison. Relevant Media Group: 2006. 24 April 2006. .

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Need an research paper on the movie the ten commandments. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.
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